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Congressional ‘Spendoholics’ Balk at Passing Budget

The spendoholics in Congress have driven up the budget deficit so far that it is scaring even them, but not for the rational reasons of concern for the nation’s economic future. No, to them it is a matter of election year tactics.

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America Not Too Far Away From Greek Crisis

The crisis in Greece, caused by reckless welfare state spending, is in no way on a different planet than the American economy. On the contrary, we may have a “Greek” experience sooner than most of us believe. In three essential evaluation categories the United States exhibits striking similarities to crisis-ridden Greece as well as the four countries commonly viewed as “next in line.”

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VIDEO: Is Washington Bankrupting America?

From bankruptingamerica.org

Our country’s spending and debt situation explained in a fast-paced motion graphics video (runtime is 2:20 minutes):

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The Greek Lesson: A New Era of Investment Strategy and its Impact on the Welfare State

Common currency, the European Union’s Titanic, struck an iceberg named Greece. While the Europeans desperately try to plug the hole, the U.S. Federal Reserve is opening an infinite line of credit to the European Central Bank to help stem a default tidal wave that could hit our shores.(i)

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Persevere, it’s what we do

By Anthony McConnell, WLG Commentary

On a stairwell at the Parkway Plaza in Casper a robin sits on a nest.

As she is approached the robin chirps as if to say, “Get away from my family.” The closer one gets the more protective mother robin becomes, until she has no choice to go on the attack. Chirping her lungs out, she takes off, buzzing all in the vicinity in the hopes of warding them off.

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Trying to Save the Unsalvageable

On December 9, 2009, U.S. Sens. Kent Conrad and Judd Gregg introduced a bill to create a “Bipartisan Task Force for Responsible Fiscal Action.” The goal is to provide “a bipartisan solution” to “a perfect storm of exploding debt, brought on by rising health costs, a retiring baby boom generation, and an outdated and inefficient revenue system.”

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