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Work Requirements in Medicaid

by Sven R. Larson, Ph.D.

Take a look at SF0097, introducing work requirements for able-bodied recipients of Medicaid benefits and food stamps, a.k.a., SNAP. This bill is sponsored by Senators Hicks, Driskill, Peterson and Scott and Representatives Burkhardt, Clem, Gray, Laursen and Lindholm.

This bill is a small step toward putting some caps on state spending. Says the bill:

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Wyoming Liberty Group Files Friend-of-the-Court Brief in Hill v. Stubson Defamation Case

CHEYENNE, Wy. – On February 8, Wyoming Liberty Group submitted a friend-of-the-court (amicus curiae) brief for consideration by the Wyoming Supreme Court in the case Hill v. Stubson, arguing that the court should affirm the dismissal of a defamation case brought by former Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill against former Wyoming Representative Tim Stubson. Defamation cases relate to false statements about a person for which that person can seek damages in court.

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Campaign Finance Disclosure: Who Actually Reads This Stuff?

There were a number of developments at this week’s interim meeting of the Corporations, Elections and Political Subdivisions committee of the Wyoming Legislature. Several draft bills suggest potential amendments to Wyoming’s campaign finance laws; some of proposals are good, and some of them are not. I am encouraged that members of the committee, Secretary of State Ed Murray, State Election Director Kai Schon, and Attorney General Peter Michael understand that campaign finance law is not a panacea and can, in fact, damage the political process for everything it supposedly fixes. Nevertheless, some are pushing for enhanced campaign finance “disclosure”—more frequent filing of more forms regarding broader swaths of political speech.

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How CREW Chair Norm Eisen Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Nordstrom Corporation

Less than a year ago, Norm Eisen, in his capacity as a fellow at the Brookings Institution, convened a campaign finance “Solutions Summit” that brought together a meeting of regulation advocates whose supposed solutions differ about as much as Oxford blue and Midnight blue. It wasn’t a conference; it was a trade show. Around the same time, Eisen co-authored an op/ed repeating an ever-recurring refrain to reverse the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, which enabled corporations and unions to independently speak out about candidates for office. The vitriol directed at corporations by reformers in the wake of the case is difficult to understate.

But a strange thing happened yesterday: Norm Eisen found a reason to love at least one corporation, Nordstrom.

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Article V

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes;
Thos. Jefferson et al., Declaration of Independence, 1776


Article V of the United States Constitution has attracted interest lately as more people have become frustrated with Washington, D.C., and with standard politics. Article V sets out the process for amending the Constitution. The purpose of this paper is to provide a brief introduction to the U.S. Constitution's processes for amending it. It takes no position on any of the many proposed amendments, and no position on which process to use to amend the Constitution.

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Majority of Wyoming Citizens Support the Taxpayer Protection Pledge

In a recent poll conducted on behalf of the Wyoming Liberty Group, Wyoming taxpayers overwhelmingly supported our Taxpayer Protection Pledge by saying they would be much more likely to vote for a candidate who had signed the pledge.  In the same poll, voters said they believed Wyoming could get it's deficit spending under control through cuts in state spending and not through tax increases.  Listen in as Charlie Katebi talks with Amy Edmonds about these important topics in this week's podcast.  

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Do Yearly Test Scores Really Show Us the Big Picture?

Every year we hear Wyoming test scores have gone up or they have gone down, but what's the REAL story?  Listen in as Amy Edmonds talks with Wyoming Liberty Group's new education finance analyst Bob Nelson. He tells us his first impressions of Wyoming's school funding system and its performance results over the past decade.  Year-to-year headlines can be dangerously short-sighted in the picture they show of what's happening with education in Wyoming.

Join in as Bob tells us what is really happening in Wyoming when we look at test results over a longer period of time.  

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