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Science and Retractions

Retraction Watch, http://retractionwatch.com/, is a blog that monitors scientific and other journals for retractions. It sounds really simple, and the basic concept is. But the implications are fascinating.

Repeatability is key to the scientific method. If I report results from an experiment, I should report in sufficient detail that you can reproduce my experiment exactly. And you should get the same results, within the inevitable instrumentation error. If you get a very different result, something is seriously wrong.

A scientific journal should make every reasonable effort to ensure that published papers are accurate. Peer review at its best is part of this process, but has its critics. Peer review and the editorial process don’t catch everything. Occasionally an error slips through and a paper is retracted.

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Fight tax hikes with the Taxpayer Protection Pledge

Maureen Bader and Gary Freeman discuss the need for a Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Can you family afford to pay an additional $27,000 per year to support a supersized government?

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Why do we need the Taxpayer Protection Pledge?

Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods talk about who signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge in Campbell County and why the voters of Campbell County should be most worried about a tax hike.

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Clean Power Plan Status in Wyoming

We won. The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) will not spend any money on the Clean Power Plan (CPP) until the Supreme Court's stay on the CCP is lifted, if ever.

Here, for the terminally curious, is the longer version.

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Clean Power Plan: The Supreme Court's Surprise

On Tuesday, February 9, the Supreme Court stayed the Clean Power Plan (CPP), much to everyone's surprise. The Supreme Court issued a terse order, less than a page long. It gave no explanation and no indication of the thinking of the five Justices who voted for the stay. The Supreme Court has never before granted a stay of any federal regulation while it was under review by a lower court. What are the implications for Wyoming?

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Political Aspects of the Clean Power Plan

“I've got a pen, and I've got a phone.” – Barack Obama

The name “Clean Power Plan” would suggest it is about clean electrical power, and, ostensibly, it is.

“The EPA has become a rogue political arm of the White House,”
Ed Whitfield (R-KY), Chairman, House Subcommittee on Energy and Power
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Reliability and the Clean Power Plan

Such is the stuff of unicorns and leprechauns.
– FERC Commissioner Tony Clark

One aspect of the Clean Power Plan (CPP) we have not yet discussed in this series of blogs on the Clean Power Plan is the reliability of America's electric power generation in 2030. The recent winter storm Jonas on the east coast should remind us of how much we have come to depend on reliable electric power. That only 74,000 people were left with no power is a tribute to some excellent engineering. For how much longer?

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