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Welcome to Wyoming Liberty Group, founded in 2008 with the purpose of inviting citizens to prepare for informed, active and confident involvement in local and state government. We provide a venue for understanding public issues in light of constitutional principles and governmental accountability.

We believe in the values of individual dignity and personal liberty. Therefore, we encourage individual responsibility for involvement in public matters. We want to become a foundational influence in state policy research and education, as well as become a source of direct contact between private citizens and public officials.We invite communication and advocacy of first principles and constitutional mandates so as to encourage appreciation of our state constitution and the historical/cultural values that are the very source of our liberty.

We welcome participation in the Wyoming Liberty Group through a range of educational opportunities such as direct membership, on-line forums, volunteer activities and discussions with elected officials as well as other policy professionals. We emphasize that the educational process is not a one-way street because members of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government need to hear the concerns of private citizens directly. We provide a forum whereby the actual human consequences of the decisions of those in power can be called to account for the public good. Moreover, we value civility and thoughtfulness as deeply as our commitment to transparency in regard to principles and information. We are a non-profit, educational organization that invites everyone concerned about the growth of policies that diminish our liberty to join with us on behalf of the great State of Wyoming.

The Wyoming Liberty Group champions individuals and independent voluntary associations with goals akin to our own. We believe that such associations, sometimes called mediating structures, can often serve both as a buffer and as a conduit between the person and the state, to the edification of each. Reflective, respectful, empirically-oriented communication is our touchstone. Consequently, while we are inclined toward individuals, toward particulars, toward localism, we also assume a respectful versus adversarial stance toward public servants because of our faith in mutual education as a practical grace in civil society. About 180 years ago Alexis de Tocqueville, an astute Frenchman visiting our country, marveled at the habit of Americans to spontaneously form endless numbers of constructive voluntary associations without ever waiting for government directives. At Wyoming Liberty, we see ourselves as participants in this tradition of conjoint, independent endeavors toward a common cherished end, the preservation of freedom.


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