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Blight in the Eye of the Beholder

Cleaning up “blighted” property is a popular new trend in Wyoming cities. Local government officials and candidates around the state have joined the anti-blight cause. Unfortunately, proposed solutions could erode property rights, impose high costs on taxpayers, and threaten financial ruin for the very people officials and candidates claim to want to help. Owners and occupants of government-targeted property have reason to worry. Blight designation is largely a subjective matter based on personal preference. One person’s blighted property might be someone else’s home on a responsible budget.

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Boyd Wiggam and Gary Freeman discussed the Housing Development Toolkit

Boyd Wiggam and Gary Freeman discussed the Housing Development Toolkit recently published by the White House with a special emphasis on the suggested deregulatory reforms the Toolkit contained that would allow the marketplace, and not regulators, determine housing supply and prices in Wyoming communities with high housing costs.

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Regulation Without Representation in Wyoming

Boyd Wiggam and Glen Woods discuss how extraterritorial jurisdiction allows city and town officials to regulate people who can't vote for a representative on the city or town council.

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Regulation Without Representative in Wyoming

Sometimes in government there comes an idea that is terribly, terribly important to our lives but is packaged in such an unapproachable title many people fail to realize its importance - case in point, extra territorial jurisdiction.  Representative government is the foundation of our country, we vote for those we give the authority to represent us in all matters of government, including taxation and regulation over our lives and property.  Without this form of representative government we would live in tyranny.  Listen in as Boyd Wiggam talks with Amy Edmonds about why extra territorial jurisdiction is something we should all care about because it strikes at the very heart of representative government. 

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Before & After Wyoming Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform

Wyoming’s reform of civil asset forfeiture, which passed unanimously in the 2016 Budget Session, went into effect on July 1. Already, the reform has lived up to its name, which is illustrated by comparing two cash seizure cases—one that began before the reform, and one after.

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Let the People Vote (With Their Feet)

In the real world, people vote with their feet. Charles Tiebout, an academic, wrote about this basic principle over a half-century ago in 1956 and it still holds true today. Unfortunately, Wyoming law still tries to stop people who wish to opt out of oppressive city regulation by moving just beyond the city limits through archaic statutes which extend the power of the city beyond the actual city limits.

The Wyoming legislature has granted cities and towns something called Extraterritorial Jurisdiction. Extraterritorial Jurisdiction is the authority cities and towns have to pass laws that apply to people and property located outside of the city limits or town limits.

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The First Amendment protects the flyers on your windshield too

Boyd Wiggam and Glenn Woods discuss free speech protection for flyers that some people and business sometimes place under automobile windshield wipers and a recent attempt by one Cheyenne City Councilman to prohibit placing flyers (a.k.a. Handbills) on automobiles.

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