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Campaign Finance Disclosure: Who Actually Reads This Stuff?

There were a number of developments at this week’s interim meeting of the Corporations, Elections and Political Subdivisions committee of the Wyoming Legislature. Several draft bills suggest potential amendments to Wyoming’s campaign finance laws; some of proposals are good, and some of them are not. I am encouraged that members of the committee, Secretary of State Ed Murray, State Election Director Kai Schon, and Attorney General Peter Michael understand that campaign finance law is not a panacea and can, in fact, damage the political process for everything it supposedly fixes. Nevertheless, some are pushing for enhanced campaign finance “disclosure”—more frequent filing of more forms regarding broader swaths of political speech.

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CEO sits down with Glenn Woods on KGAB

Popular Wyoming radio host Glenn Woods has recently joined KGAB radio here in Cheyenne. CEO Jonathan Downing sat down with Glenn on Friday March 3. They discussed a variety of topics including a post-session rundown.  Click play now to listen to this great conversation!

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Revenue Rout and Regime Reaction

Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods from Boldrepublic.com discuss the precipitous drop in tax revenue and the government's predictable response. But is that the only, or even best solution? Watch this short video to hear about a better way to go.

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Legislative Leadership's Pure Power Play Over Committees

Boyd Wiggam and Glenn Woods of Boldrepublic.com discuss the recent effort by Wyoming legislative leadership to limit access for to research and information from the Legislative Service Office other members of the legislature.


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Powerful Management Council Extends Control Over Legislative Research

Wyoming citizens face a new threat from the State Legislature. However this threat is not a new tax proposal or another attempt to further regulate daily life. Rather, this threat is a power grab by legislative leadership to further concentrate power over the legislature in the hands of the top legislative offices. This will shift even more control over the rank and file lawmakers from Wyoming voters to micromanaging legislative leaders.

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Rawlins Flow Control Ordinance Is Attack on Economic Opportunity

Local governments in Wyoming have a nasty habit of attacking entrepreneurs. The most recent example of this campaign against economic opportunity is the City of Rawlins’s monopolistic Flow Control ordinance forcing garbage collection companies to deliver trash exclusively to the city-owned transfer station.

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Politically Challenged Budget Cuts

During Governor Mead’s Business Forum in Cheyenne in November 2015, Dr. Robert Behn from Harvard University presented his theory on the budget cut challenge in the lead up to a discussion by a panel of legislators. Wyoming legislators must decide how to deal with a 25 percent reduction in revenue, a $155 million deficit in the education account for the next biennium alone and the reality that the Rainy Day Fund just isn’t big enough to bail out a spending level bloated by a decade of mineral tax windfall.

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