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Regulation Without Representative in Wyoming

Sometimes in government there comes an idea that is terribly, terribly important to our lives but is packaged in such an unapproachable title many people fail to realize its importance - case in point, extra territorial jurisdiction.  Representative government is the foundation of our country, we vote for those we give the authority to represent us in all matters of government, including taxation and regulation over our lives and property.  Without this form of representative government we would live in tyranny.  Listen in as Boyd Wiggam talks with Amy Edmonds about why extra territorial jurisdiction is something we should all care about because it strikes at the very heart of representative government. 

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Article V

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes;
Thos. Jefferson et al., Declaration of Independence, 1776


Article V of the United States Constitution has attracted interest lately as more people have become frustrated with Washington, D.C., and with standard politics. Article V sets out the process for amending the Constitution. The purpose of this paper is to provide a brief introduction to the U.S. Constitution's processes for amending it. It takes no position on any of the many proposed amendments, and no position on which process to use to amend the Constitution.

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Majority of Wyoming Citizens Support the Taxpayer Protection Pledge

In a recent poll conducted on behalf of the Wyoming Liberty Group, Wyoming taxpayers overwhelmingly supported our Taxpayer Protection Pledge by saying they would be much more likely to vote for a candidate who had signed the pledge.  In the same poll, voters said they believed Wyoming could get it's deficit spending under control through cuts in state spending and not through tax increases.  Listen in as Charlie Katebi talks with Amy Edmonds about these important topics in this week's podcast.  

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Statewide Poll Reveals Solid Opposition to Tax Increases

For Immediate Release

Cheyenne, WY, September 14, 2016:  OnMessage, Inc. recently conducted a large statewide survey on behalf of the Wyoming Liberty Group.  The survey of 600 likely voters was stratified to reflect historic voter trends.  The poll focused on the ongoing fiscal challenges facing Wyoming and asked voters to consider a variety of questions centered around possible tax increases, government transparency and waste, health care and education issues. 

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Let the People Vote (With Their Feet)

In the real world, people vote with their feet. Charles Tiebout, an academic, wrote about this basic principle over a half-century ago in 1956 and it still holds true today. Unfortunately, Wyoming law still tries to stop people who wish to opt out of oppressive city regulation by moving just beyond the city limits through archaic statutes which extend the power of the city beyond the actual city limits.

The Wyoming legislature has granted cities and towns something called Extraterritorial Jurisdiction. Extraterritorial Jurisdiction is the authority cities and towns have to pass laws that apply to people and property located outside of the city limits or town limits.

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Has Education Litigation Gotten in the Way of Education?

Has the Wyoming Constitution and a slew of education litigation results from the Wyoming Supreme Court gotten in the way of transformative education in Wyoming?  Listen in as Amy Edmonds talks with Bob Nelson, education finance policy analyst and Boyd Wiggam, chief council for the Wyoming Liberty Group as they discuss the Wyoming education system as it stands today.  Do we need to do something with the Wyoming Constitution in order to get real reform in education?  Has the requirements of litigation in public education really achieved what it said it would? Listen in and find out!

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Who Wants to Pay Higher Taxes?

When recently asked over 65% of Wyoming citizens said they would be more likely to support a candidate for public office who had signed the Taxpayer  Protection Pledge.  Why?  Because a majority of citizens do not want to pay higher taxes, which is why it's so important to know if your local legislator has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.  Listen in as Amy Edmonds talks with John Birbari about the pledge. 

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