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Wyoming Becomes an Alternative Energy Producer

“I believe in a free lunch being free like I believe in a perpetual motion machine.”
Sen Charlie Scott (R-Natrona) February 18, 2015, during the Wyoming Senate debate on HB 53

Minerals prices are low, tax revenue is on the decline, and Governor Mead and many Wyoming legislators are scrambling to appear to be doing something about it. One something that came out of the 2015 Legislative Session was the Minerals to Value Added Products Program. Yes, just what we need, another government program, but this one proposes to make taxpayers a partner in alternative energy projects private company are fleeing from as fast as they can. But if people using their own money are unwilling to engage in such risky ventures, politicians are wrong to take Wyoming down this path.

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Coal Alchemy and Corporate Welfare

A Wyoming love story

For thousands of years, alchemists tried to change base metals into gold. Today, this lofty goal rests unachieved, but its legacy remains. Now, instead of changing lead to gold, crafty alchemists look to change money from the pockets of taxpayers to their own, and governments seem happy to assist. High on the alchemy hit list in Wyoming is the coal-to-liquids scheme—a boondoggle that could waste even more hard-earned tax dollars in the future as Wyoming politicians scramble to appear to be doing something to grow the economy and create jobs.

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Fracking or Golfing: Who Needs More Water?

by Christina Larson

Among the many myths being spread around about fracking, the one about water consumption may be the most audacious one. Anti-fracking activists keep insisting that the process of hydraulic fracturing is threatening the water supplies in the West.

This myth may grow legs in a drought-stricken state like California, but that does not mean it is true. On the contrary, a study commissioned by the Western Energy Alliance found that fracking in Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming uses far less water than other users.

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Removing Coal from the Energy Mix

  • The consequence for your electricity bill. 

In 2013, President Obama’s Climate Action Plan laid out a plan to make the U.S. a leader in the effort to address global climate change. In June 2014, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) promulgated rules for cutting carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants. One option the EPA would allow states to use to cut carbon dioxide emissions is the switch from coal-fired to natural-gas-fired electricity generation. Although the EPA’s recent rule might lead some to believe that the shift will occur in the future, coal plants in Wyoming are already being shut down and replaced by natural gas.

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Data Center Electricity Demand

  • Will it leave citizens freezing in the dark?

Back in 2012, Wyoming Governor Matt Mead announced that Microsoft would build a $112 million data center in Cheyenne. Since then, Microsoft announced two data center expansions, for a total investment of about $450 million.

Sounds great, but is it?

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Eating Their Own

Whether green energy efforts go bankrupt or have unintended lethal consequences for wildlife, green energy efforts have seen significant struggles. To aid these companies in a market that would see them fail of their own accord, the federal government now allows wind turbines to kill protected species and has been using your tax dollars to guarantee loans for green energy research. Wind turbines in Wyoming will not have to worry about additional fines for killing eagles while the industry searches for a solution. Major media outlets do not generally cover the widespread failure of these efforts, and a recent piece on “60 Minutes” may provide the answer as to why that is.

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Clearing the Skies

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