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Jonathan Downing joins Glenn Woods on KGAB

Jonathan Downing discusses potential tax increases by the Revenue Committee, government efficiency and the state budget.

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Jonathan Downing talks about efficiency

Jonathan Downing talks efficiency with Glenn Wood.

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Wyoming K-12 Echo Chamber

Wyoming Liberty Group attended the July 25 meeting of the legislature’s Select Committee on School Finance Recalibration. It was interesting to see how much of a closed loop the process will be. The consultants engaged to do the work exclusively define interested stakeholders as elected government officials and employees plus employees of and lobbyists for the giant Education-Industrial complex. Accordingly, it’s likely to be simply an echo chamber of ghosts of recalibrations past with reverberations of “send us your money.”

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Wyoming K-12: We Must Get Our Heads Out of the Sand

Wyoming K-12: We Must Get Our Heads Out of the Sand

Certain Wyoming legislators want our schools to compare favorably with the best schools in the country. Before we compare ourselves to the Joneses, though, we need to get our heads out of the sand and look honestly at how poorly we performed against our own state benchmark as measured by the testing system Wyoming’s experts chose, “PAWS”.

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An Open Letter to the Revenue Committee

 by Sven R Larson

Chairman Peterson; Chairman Madden; Members of the Joint Revenue Committee of the Wyoming Legislature,

Your agenda for the meeting in Thermopolis on August 2-3 is full of proposals to raise taxes and fees on the Wyoming economy. While I don't think anyone expects them all to pass even through your committee, the rich roster of ideas is in itself a source of great concern. 

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Robert Nelson discusses the recent release of the Wyoming education PAWS testing results

Listen in as Robert Nelson discusses the recent release of the Wyoming education PAWS testing results with host Glenn Woods.

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Wyoming Failure on PAWS, NAEP & ACT

What do PAWS, NAEP & ACT have in common besides being arcane acronyms? They are all K-12 education testing systems, each testing different age groups by subject, with the object of assessing what kids know and can do. They’ve also become canaries in the coal mine telling us our education systems and theories are ineffective. See the four graphs below.

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