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Wyoming Education Funding

The Wyoming school system receives $19000.00 a year per student for funding. Amazingly, this increase in funding has not yielded any improvements overtime in performance test scores. Why aren't our educators and legislators held accountable for this disconnect of funding and lack of results? The very fact that these actual spending, funding and testing results aren't available for the public to review is unacceptable for Government Transparency and the public rights to know how our taxes are being spent.

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Stand and Deliver Transparency

Honesty, integrity, and clarity. These are some of the values we hope our public schools will instill in our children. So why is it so hard to get the school system to follow the same principles by telling us how our tax dollars are spent?

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Jonathan Downing joins Glenn Woods on KGAB

Jonathan Downing discusses potential tax increases by the Revenue Committee, government efficiency and the state budget.

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ATTENTION - Your Taxes Will Go Up!

It is important for the people of Wyoming to take action!

18LSO-0142 - Sales Tax on Specified Services (This is the proposed legislation)

This proposed bill will impose a 4-6% sales tax on the services that you use on a regular basis, increasing the price at the register and increasing the cost of goods purchased when small businesses are forced to pass along the service taxes they pay in order for them to remain profitable and in business.

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The State Efficiency Report

Means to a Legacy of Administrative Excellence

In 2017 Wyoming legislators approved the State Efficiency Report bill. The Wyoming Spending and Efficiency Commission, chaired by Senator Drew Perkins, awarded the contract, and in October a team of former CEO’s and CFO’s from Alvarez & Marsal submitted this draft report. So it was that Wyoming’s legislative branch supported Wyoming’s executive branch to create a legacy of administrative excellence.

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Jonathan Downing talks about efficiency

Jonathan Downing talks efficiency with Glenn Wood.

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Gross Receipts Tax: Your Wallet, Your Jobs, and State Revenue

The Interim Revenue Committee will meet May 11th and 12th in Saratoga. On their agenda is yet another proposal to shrink revenues, a Gross Receipts Tax [GRT]. It would also shrink the Wyoming economy and – to kill three birds with one stone – shrink your wallet! They may not notice the thing about shrinking your wallet by an estimated $800 to $1000 dollars a year [about $3,600 for a family of four in direct and indirect costs], but you’d think they would notice the part about shrinking revenues, being the Revenue Committee and all.

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