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PlanCheyenne Requires Public Input

Today (Thursday, October 10), private citizens in the greater Cheyenne area have a prime opportunity to engage in the open-minded civil communication with government officials.

Two Open House events are scheduled for individuals or groups to submit “ideas about priority actions for the future.” The first open house event is scheduled from noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Laramie County Library. A second community meeting is scheduled in the evening from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Laramie County Community County Training Center Building.

The phrase “priority actions for the future” should serve as a red flag to anyone who is concerned about how tax money is spent by local governments. The meetings are an opportunity to argue in favor of priority actions that properly fit inside the narrow role of constitutionally limited government, which includes preserving the health and safety of residents and the protection of private property rights.

For example, Laramie County voters recently approved construction of a Public Safety Building that converts private property to public ownership. Conversely, one “priority action for the future” that recognizes the burden imposed by local taxation and respects the role of free markets could be returning some government-owned properties in the Cheyenne area to the private sector.

Because local zoning codes such as the City of Cheyenne Unified Development Code and The Laramie County Land Use Regulations are based, in part, on the conclusions found in PlanCheyenne, those who have encountered problems with local zoning codes should participate in the update process for the local Comprehensive Plans. For example, a priority action that respects private property could be to revise the UDC’s design standards to provide greater flexibility for landowners by reducing the list of requirements and making the requirements more objective. This would replace vague and unpredictable regulatory standards and regulation of architectural taste with clear and predictable standards that both limit regulatory discretion and relate directly to public health and safety and welfare.

Freedom-loving people must take individual responsibility for involvement in public matters. In the greater Cheyenne area this means ensuring local government spending in response to growth is limited to projects that guide and promote efficient use of public and private resources whenever such an opportunity presents itself.

Protection of Property Rights Needs Citizen Involv...
Laws Change or Are Repealed All the Time

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017
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