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Seamus, a Community Concern

I’ve known this local kid Seamus for years. He’s rowdy, all boy. He has always risen to responsibility when it was expected of him. Before he could legally drive, I used to hire him to watch my sons if I had a job that would require all my attention. I never worried, as I say, he could handle the responsibility.

A few years ago, he got in a scuffle with another boy; it appeared that there were going to be serious legal repercussions. With community help his parents managed to keep Seamus out of trouble. He was never arrested. We were all still concerned about him. Both of his parents work full time so he had some unsupervised time. He appeared to be a wee bit adrift. His parents were a little concerned, Seamus is well liked in the community, we all were concerned.

This year Seamus took up hunting. Seamus didn’t just casually go hunting once or twice. He went duck hunting every day immediately after school; he stayed out until the end of shooting light. Most days he took his limit and it’s a long season. His mother investigated multiple ways to prepare duck. His mother looked for additional freezer space. Everybody was thrilled. Duck season just ended.

Seamus had mentioned that he was very interested in continuing to hunt into the New Year, particularly coyote, a crafty, wary, difficult quarry. A man can spend a lifetime hunting coyote and still be learning. Trouble was Seamus didn’t have a rifle. Under the tree this Christmas was a .17 HMR, the perfect rifle.

I have a buddy who is a seasoned veteran coyote as well as other predator caller. My buddy is a repository of generations of predator calling tribal knowledge. He is soon to retire from his post in the Wyoming Highway Patrol. I contacted him, asked him if he would take on a protégé. He responded that for a worthy kid, of course he would. I assured him Seamus was worthy.

What else am I doing in all this? I’m going to purchase some 17 grain Hornady .17 HMR VMAX and drop it by Seamus’ house. I might catch him on the road; I know his truck, he has gotten mighty tall. I like duck, perhaps he might share.

Like the bumper sticker says “Kids that hunt, trap, and fish don’t mug little old ladies”

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Sunday, 24 September 2017
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