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“If You Don’t Vote You Can’t Bitch” Part III

We don’t have mail delivery available in Dubois to our houses, so we have post office boxes. I don’t come down the Mountain daily; I try to combine errands because gas isn’t cheap. On Monday the 5th, I checked the mail, on my way to hunt Elk. In the mail was a letter with the Governor’s office listed on the return. I was expecting a “Dear John”, my expectations were ill founded, enclosed in the envelope was a letter congratulating me on my appointment. Also in the letter was an “Oath of Office” form that I was to fill out, have notarized and return.

WHOA! I thought, an Oath. Here in Wyoming we take oaths and our word seriously. When you go to purchase a resident hunting or fishing license, your signature indicates that you swear the residency criteria are met. A violation of this is called an “Oath Violation”. We live and do business on our word here in Wyoming. Just recently I needed a gate, called JJ’s cell, he was in South West Colorado, JJ told me where he kept his gates, mentioned he had no idea whether he had ten footer and told me to go look. If I found one, I was to take it, we’d settle up later. This is how business is done here in Wyoming. I decided some consideration prior to signing this “Oath of Office” was needed.

First though, to celebrate, I went Elk Hunting. It amuses me that I won’t “exercise” but will walk, jog, run, crawl and slither on my belly for miles carrying a pack and ten pound rifle. This hunt was a good one, aren’t they all? I got on a group of 28, with the biggest Bull I’d ever seen in that area; naturally I wanted a cow for eating. Put up a wolf at 300 yards, and then started to look at the lay of the fence lines. Crawled to within 175 yards and realized those clever Wapiti were on Nature Conspiracy ground. The advertising assures me that “Public Access” won’t be denied, but I guess my hunting isn’t “Public Access” My “Oath of Office” form fresh in my mind, I didn’t take a shot.

My appointment letter advised me to complete an orientation online, the handbook is 97 pages. The print is large, there are pictures and the pages aren’t all full. I read it. I haven’t finished the video series, seems to be the same subject matter. My favorite line in the training manual is “nose in and fingers out” “That is, they should ask questions, require answers, challenge conventional wisdom and provide positive suggestions, but they should not be directly involved in management

I went to see Juleen Leseberg (of the Snob Hill Lesebergs) to get my “Oath of Office” notarized. Juleen congratulated me and then said “Did you read and understand this?” yup, confirmed, we take oaths seriously here in Wyoming. I sent the oath form in on the 6th of October; on the 10th I received my official I.D. card in the mail, postmarked the 8th. Governor’s office is fast. There was also a letter thanking me for agreeing to serve.

This brings me back to the point of all this, now I have a vote. What would I like to see? De-criminalization of status offenses, accompanied by a large reduction in juvenile drug, alcohol and tobacco use. Statewide. All our juveniles helped, if needed, and encouraged on their way to becoming Wyoming citizens, men and women of their word. Statewide. Theoretically I now have the ear of the Governor. If a guy is gonna bitch, might as well go to the top.

Amy Edmonds and John Birbari, from KVOW Riverton R...
Delayed Decisions Dig a Deeper Fiscal Hole

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Sunday, 24 September 2017
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