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"If You Don’t Vote You Can’t Bitch” Part II

In keeping with the sentiment expressed in my last blog about participation rather than non-participatory criticism, I have submitted my application for service on the WY State Advisory Council on Juvenile Justice to the Council as well as the Governor’s office. I have been told by a member of the Council that I am from an “over-represented” Judicial District, and that I probably won’t be appointed.

I decided to submit letters of recommendation, though the application states that it is optional. I asked people that met these criteria:

Registered Voters, once again “If You Don’t Vote You Can’t Bitch”

A diversity of political party affiliations, Juvenile Justice is of concern to all parties

Not all of them had children, I wanted this group represented, Juvenile Justice affects all members of society not just parents and kids

Active in the State’s Community in some way, once again like JJ says

Had known me for multiple years, hard to recommend someone you don’t know well

Interact with me on a regular basis, if you haven’t seen someone on a bad day, do you really know them?

Regularly participate in outdoor activities, one of Wyoming’s greatest resources and I think an important tool in Juvenile Diversion

Willing and able to express themselves in print, I doubt the Governor would be impressed with someone who can’t use spell check or couldn’t express themselves without profanity

Had no vested financial interest in the Juvenile Justice System or my business, who gives the guy (or gal) that signs their paycheck a bad recommendation?

Not JJ, he seems a bit embarrassed by his spate of publicity, women keeping asking me for his contact information, he wishes to maintain some anonymity

Last and certainly not least, were willing to take the time to write a recommendation. I found this wasn’t really that easy when I did it, one wants to be brief and focused, the Governor’s time is valuable and in demand.

Want to read some? These people were O.K. with their letters being posted

Once again, I wish to thank everyone that wrote me a letter, some of whom did it at the library, not having computers. I also wish to thank the Governor again for considering me.

My application is posted below, you may wonder why it is hand written rather than typed. I decided that it would take longer for me to convince my computer to let me type on the form than it would for me to, print it and then write it out. Like JJ says “It ain’t really enough just to work hard, yah gotta work smart”.

handwritten tom rose 1

handwritten tom rose 2

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Thursday, 19 October 2017
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