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“If You Don’t Vote You Can’t Bitch"

My Buddy JJ, his nickname after his inherited brand, would be described by all who know him as the quintessential Western Man, capable, tough, reliable, solid, an excellent Hunter and Horseman, a man of his word, a good neighbor, a Top Hand. His face lights up when he speaks of time spent, or to be spent with his daughter. In the manner of many solitary men, he considers problems, and issues for miles of distance on horse back or while driving a truck. When he states a viewpoint it is always well thought out, he has explored it from many angles. One afternoon as we discussed politics as he and I do, our heads tilted into a mild late January Wyoming breeze, his comment on grumbling people and the lack of voter participation was the above quote.

With this thought in mind I have recently applied or volunteered for the Wyoming State Council on Juvenile Justice. The members of this Council are appointed by the Governor and are to encompass stakeholders and experts in the area of Juvenile Justice. I have attended 3 of this Council’s public meetings this year and have been invited to participate in them, even though not a member of the Council. It is very easy to criticize and complain about the efforts of others, if you are not involved in an issue except as an observer, do you really have the right to criticize? Apathy has already been exhibited by a lack of participation. I will be posting my application in a separate blog. I want to thank the Governor for considering me, and everyone who wrote me a letter of recommendation, whether I used them or not. I have taken the time to write another applicant a letter of recommendation, gotta be involved.

Enough about me, what you really want to read is some more kernels from JJ. So here you go:

“On a late season cow(ELK) hunt, you shouldn’t oughta be gutting anywhere you can’t hear the truck radio”

“It ain’t really enough to just work hard, yah gotta work smart”

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Guest - Old friend on Sunday, 06 August 2017 14:42

Tom Rose for President

Tom Rose for President
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Thursday, 19 October 2017
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