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All I want for Christmas…is a Blimp?

With Christmas around the corner, many will be hoping for new golf sets or hunting accessories under their tree.  Residents of Maryland will be getting a new “gift” from the federal government—a giant blimp

In what seems more appropriate for a dystopian novel, Marylanders will be seeing a giant hovering blimp between Washington, DC and Baltimore.  Giant hardly captures it; this blimp occupies as much space as 3,500 elephants.  Why a giant blimp?  Its job is surveillance from all points Northeast to Texas.  Talk about eyes in the sky.

We are told that the blimp is a prototype to be tested given its expense and difficulty in creation.  We are also told it will make us safer—it can track and record the most minute details in high resolution.  While we are being told a good deal, we know that even entertaining the notion of a giant blimp in public space is an affront to our privacy and our natural liberties.  Besides being the ever-intrusive eye of government, it accustoms each and every person to the idea that government monitoring is perfectly acceptable, even welcome. 

Naturally, national security is an important thing and maintaining the security of our borders makes good sense.  But scaring people with fears about domestic terrorism just to help grow the police state shouldn’t be tolerated.  America, “land of the free, home of the brave” shouldn’t abide hovering spy blimps and traffic cameras around every corner.  As it does, the home of the brave will begin to resemble more the home of the cowards.

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Tuesday, 26 September 2017
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