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Block Grants: A prescription for Medicaid reform in Wyoming

Every year, Wyoming taxpayers spend hundreds of millions of dollars on Medicaid. Yet we have little to say in its management.  The federal government mandates who Medicaid covers, what it pays for, and how it pays doctors.  Because of all these mandates, Medicaid has grown too large and cumbersome to ensure patients have reliable access to quality healthcare. 

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Don't hurt the kids but cut the spending

Bob Nelson and Glenn Woods discuss how necessary cuts to Wyoming's education spending need not hurt kids, but will require courage and hard choices.

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Education Spending and Outcomes

In this short video, Amy Edmonds outlines the disconnect between skyrocketing education spending and student outcomes. If you think spending more means better outcomes, you must watch this video. 

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Why Wyoming Needs a Taxpayer Protection Pledge

We often point to the third-party payer problem as the cause of the explosion in health care costs. Insurers pay doctors who provide services to patients. This separation of payer and patient means the patient has little incentive to question the cost or even the quality of service.

Now imagine what would happen if a big part of a state’s spending is funded that way.

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Wyoming's Budget Crisis is a Health Care Crisis

Charlie Katebi and KGAB's Gary Freeman discuss Governor Matt Mead's budget cuts and how the state's fiscal crisis exposes Medicaid's empty promises to patients.

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Civil Asset Forfeiture in Wyoming: Now with More Due Process and Property Rights

In the 2016 Budget Session, Senate File 46 passed the Wyoming Legislature without a single vote in opposition. This bill significantly reforms the state’s practice of civil asset forfeiture, which allows the government to seize and keep property that is allegedly related to the illegal drug trade without convicting or even charging the owner of a crime. 

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Health Spending Reform to Benefit Patients and Taxpayers Alike

Charlie Katebi spoke about to Glenn Woods on Boldrepublic.com about the problem with drawing people into a poorly run government program. Given the dearth of health care providers in Wyoming, any reduction to Medicaid reimbursements would likely limit health care access. And here the governor wanted to expand Medicaid! Thank goodness the legislature rejected Medicaid expansion.

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