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But Wait – We Still Have a Budget Problem!

Spending continues to increase. The big spenders want:

WyoFlot – a state government airline system ($80-$100 million)

Workforce Development ($50 million)

Even more for already a costly school bureaucracy
(with NO Academic Improvement for our kids!)

Cartoon BusinessmanNow they want to raise your taxes:

  • Property taxes
  • Sales taxes
  • Specified-service sales tax
  • Cigarette & taxes
  • Alcohol liquors markup
  • Tourism tax
  • Malt beverage tax

… and in 2019: Gross Receipts Tax

We need to work together:

Transparency ~ Efficiency ~ Permanent Rollback of Government Spending

Transparency Before Taxes

“Wyoming is a small town with really long streets” – Former Gov. Mike Sullivan

Gov Spending MillionsGovernment Spending Addiction Gets Worse

“We need a bigger dose”. Spending proposals in the wings – Wyoflot! 80 to 100 MM/year $$$ Workforce Development $$$ 50MM $$$, Education Recalibration $$$

They only offer Tax Proposals for Solutions.

Business Income tax (Gross Receipts Tax), and so on. Here is the list from the Revenue Committee: Local Option Tax, Municipalities, Cigarette Tax, Tobacco Tax, Sales Tax on Specified Services, Sales Tax for School Capital, Property Assessment Tax, Alcoholic Liquors Markup Amount, Alcohol Tax for Drug and Alcohol Programs, Malt Beverage Tax, and lastly, coming down the road a Gross Receipts Tax on Businesses.

more taxes cartoonAre you fed up with The Spending Addiction? You Are Not Alone!

A diverse group of Wyoming’s leading businesses, industries and associations all supported the Efficiency Commission Legislation. They were responsible for the successful passage of legislation that provides policy makers with tools for streamlining all levels of government.

The Center for Public Integrity gives Wyoming an “F”, for access to public information.

We score dead last in the nation. This must change!

Transparency Before Taxes

• Demand Transparency on Government Spending
• Update Public Information Statures
• Require Regular Audits
• Continue Funding State Efficiency Reports

It’s the right thing to do...

Download PDF

The State Efficiency Report
Wyoming The Tax Hike State, Part 2

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Saturday, 24 February 2018

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