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The Slick Salesmen of the Common Core

The Slick Salesmen of the Common Core

“It’s so good, it practically sells itself.” 

Not so with the oh-so-common Common Core State Standards, a set of one size fits all national requirements a majority of states, including Wyoming, adopted several years ago.  Since then these inferior standards have been widely criticized. They aren’t selling themselves, they’re that bad. 

And so, in an attempt to repackage and remarket them against the on-target attacks of grassroots, mom-lead opposition pushing for their demise all over the country, DC policy centers have ramped up a multi-million dollar advertising campaign to “sell” the Common Core. 

Moms, including Michelle Malkin, aren’t buying it.  Malkin takes steady aim at the swarm of self-serving purveyors of these statist Standards in her latest article.

Wyoming policymakers would do well to listen to parents, inform themselves, and repeal the Common Core immediately.  Otherwise they will face voters and growing grassroots efforts in Wyoming and around the country calling for them to dump the Common Core and replace it with accountability to parents.  True accountability consists, not in pandering to a K Street power consortium, but in making way for parental choice in education – local control, home schooling, private schools, charter schools – in encouraging the entire spectrum of choice under which children, in all their variety, can thrive and grow. 


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Sunday, 22 October 2017
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