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Do Yearly Test Scores Really Show Us the Big Picture?

Every year we hear Wyoming test scores have gone up or they have gone down, but what's the REAL story?  Listen in as Amy Edmonds talks with Wyoming Liberty Group's new education finance analyst Bob Nelson. He tells us his first impressions of Wyoming's school funding system and its performance results over the past decade.  Year-to-year headlines can be dangerously short-sighted in the picture they show of what's happening with education in Wyoming.

Join in as Bob tells us what is really happening in Wyoming when we look at test results over a longer period of time.  

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Education Spending Crisis? Listen to Bob Nelson & Amy Edmonds talk on KGAB

Bob Nelson and Amy Edmonds speak with Gary Freeman on KGAB about the serious issues around Wyoming's K-12 school finance system.  Is it really true that more money equals better outcomes for students?  Listen to find out. 

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Education Consultant Faults Wyoming

Wyoming has been paying a ton of money for K-12 education since 2005. The reason for the heavy spending? It was a major Wyoming Supreme Court/Legislative overhaul of the way our schools were being funded to equalize spending among students.

Now we find that the consultants, on whose advice the spending was largely based, criticize the system for weak performance. Unbiased observers who look at the facts have to agree that skyrocketing spending isn’t improving results.

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Voters must do hard work to choose next mayor

When Cheyenne voters rejected the city administrator proposal last fall, they reaffirmed their commitment to vote responsibly and placed a special emphasis on this year’s mayoral elections. Those same voters must now examine each candidate and vote for who is best-equipped to do the day-to-day job of managing the city. It is never an easy job, and the fact that ten people filed applications for mayor makes vetting the candidates even more difficult.

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Elections and voting responsibly

Boyd Wiggams calls on voters to do the hard work at election time. Ask whether your candidate understands the limited role of government and whether they have the ability to do the job if elected.

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Obamacare’s expansion means less, not more healthcare

Since Obamacare became law, patients have seen their health insurance choices disappear.  There are fewer insurers selling fewer plans with narrower networks than ever before.  And now Obamacare’s architects want to snuff out the few remaining private options and replace them with government rationing and substandard healthcare. 

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Voters call for tax policy accountability

Maureen Bader and Glenn Woods discuss the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and poll results that indicate voters are more likely to vote for a candidate who has signed the pledge.

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