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Hot Seat Q & A on Criminal Justice Reform

In case you missed it, Anthony sat down with Gary Freeman on KGAB Radio to answer the tough questions surrounding criminal justice reform.  Much appreciation to the thoughtful listeners that took the time to call in.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact Anthony directly via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Christmas Caroling Without Permission: Illegal in Cheyenne

Be careful where you’re spreading holiday cheer this season. You could wind up in the slammer for six months or pay up to $750 in fines. According to an ordinance approved by the City of Cheyenne in 1897, it’s technically unlawful to Christmas carol without a permit. The 120-year-old law isn’t just a prime example of regulatory nonsense and over-criminalization – it’s a clear violation of protected free speech.

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Four Theories of Criminal Justice

Anthony appeared on KGAB Radio to discuss four theories of criminal justice: Deterrence, Restraint, Retribution, and Rehabilitation.  He and host, Gary Freeman, hashed out the good and bad of each theory and how they are addressed by Wyoming’s proposed Criminal Justice Reform legislation.

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Wyoming’s Other Liquor Problem (Part 2)

We have discussed how Wyoming’s alcohol regulatory system limits new small business opportunities without effectively deterring destructive behavior attributable to alcohol. The state rankings of alcohol abuse measured by DUI arrests per capita and binge drinking rate highlight some similar rural states that have combined market-friendly liquor licensing with lower levels of alcohol abuse.

West Virginia and Utah are the only two among the ten most responsible drinking states in both binge-drinking and DUI measures. Wyoming isn’t top ten in either. Unfortunately, Wyoming tops the chart in one category – drunk driving arrests per share of population. Therefore, market-oriented liquor license regulations in West Virginia or Utah do not necessarily lead to more irresponsible or dangerous behavior than exist under Wyoming’s current licensing regime.

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Justice Reform Could Cut Healthcare Spending, Combat Potential Crisis

By: Anthony Vibbard & Charlie Katebi

Criminal justice reform legislation will be on the agenda in the upcoming 2017 Wyoming Legislative General Session. Much has been said about criminal justice reform and its potential to save taxpayer dollars. The conversation typically revolves around lowering administrative costs, downsizing staff, and avoiding future prison construction. But, reforms could also reduce the growing cost of prison healthcare.

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Tom Price has the right prescription for healthcare reform

Donald Trump is serious about wresting control of our healthcare system away from the federal government and giving power back to patients, and he just showed it by naming Rep. Tom Price to head the Department of Health and Human Services.

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Wyoming’s Other Liquor Problem (Part 1)

Wyoming’s disturbing rate of alcohol-related calamity is no secret. Two ways to measure alcohol abuse among adults are to look at DUI arrests per capita and binge drinking rate. These measures show Wyoming leads the nation in DUI arrests per capita and is in the CDC’s second tier of states (out of three tiers) for binge drinking prevalence. Based on these data points, Wyoming’s system for regulating the alcohol market appears to be ineffective in deterring destructive behavior attributable to alcohol.

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