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The ‘Dentists Union’ v. The Tanning Salon

Apparently Wyoming dentists don’t give up. That’s good when it comes to extracting all the fragments of a broken tooth, but not so good when it comes to doing a complete walletectomy on you.

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‘To none will we sell, to none deny or delay, right or justice

We are five years short of the eight hundredth anniversary of  Magna Carta, June 15, 1215. On the field of Runnymede, English barons exercised their right to keep and bear arms and their right to rebel against tyranny and in doing so they won not only their own rights but the rights of all Englishmen and eventually, all Americans.

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Thank God I Live in Wyoming!

When politicians do bad things to the rich, it has ramifications for all of us. Taxing the rich out of the state is one such bad thing: when the wealthy leave there is less money to go around for investments in private businesses. Wyoming’s state legislators do not always do the right thing, but they deserve kudos for generally keeping their hands off wealth-generating activities in the state.

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A Hands-On Budget Deficit Reminder from the Tax Foundation

The Tax Foundation has updated its 2010 issue of the annual Tax Freedom Day study. By assuming that the government actually paid for all its expenses with tax revenues, Tax Foundation expert Kail Padgitt, Ph.D., reports that the national Tax Freedom Day would be pushed from April 9 to May 17:

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Cost of Wolf 'Reintroduction' High For All

By Wyoming Speaker of the House Colin Simpson

It’s no surprise there have been economic impacts to Wyoming communities and unacceptable impacts to Wyoming’s elk herds caused by the Federal “reintroduction” of Wolves into the Yellowstone Ecosystem.

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Congressional ‘Spendoholics’ Balk at Passing Budget

The spendoholics in Congress have driven up the budget deficit so far that it is scaring even them, but not for the rational reasons of concern for the nation’s economic future. No, to them it is a matter of election year tactics.

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Health Care Bill Stacks Up

On April 16, the Hot Springs County Republican Party held its Lincoln Day Dinner. Senator John Barrasso showed up with a copy of the health care bill, aka Obamacare, aka the toxic bill. It is 2700 pages, and stands almost the height of two beer cans.

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