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Rural Wyoming Hospitals First Victims of Obamacare

Wyoming is beginning to adjust itself to the Obamacare reform, despite many uncertainties still remaining about the effects and contents of the reform. As part of the adjustment process the state is taking temporary federal grants that are supposed to pay for the transition into Obamacare:

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Of Principles & Precedent

With the close of the 2009-10 Supreme Court term this week, friends of freedom have much to celebrate.  In January, the Court struck out in bold support of the First Amendment in Citizens United v. FEC, overturning two significant, and significantly bad, cases.  At the end of its term, we should be likewise thankful that the Court affirmed the importance of the Second Amendment in McDonald v. City of Chicago by recognizing that the Amendment protects an individual’s right to keep and bear arms.

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Yes We Can – Cut Government Spending

In a world where government spending only goes one way, the tiny city of Douglas, WY is showing unusual fortitude in actually cutting government spending. After a series of infrastructural investments, during which the city almost doubled its budget, the city council has done what most politicians could never do: they masterfully resisted a temptation to make the temporarily high level of city spending permanent. The Douglas Budget reports on part of the city’s efforts to return its budget from $22 million to a more regular $11.5 million:

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Government Must Go On a Diet

By Jason Williams, WLG Commentary

This past week The Road to Serfdom by economist F. A. Hayek, a book that was published 66 years ago, rose to number one on the Amazon.com bestseller list.  Hayek was outraged that intellectuals, the “suppliers of ideas,” were selling central planning despite being in the midst of the horrors committed by the Nazi state. British intellectuals of the time were stone deaf to the loud reality: central planning is not only antithetical to human achievement; it leads to atrocities and all manner of degradation and misery.  Politicians then as now, glutton-like, fed on the unhealthy ideas of central planning, expanding the waistline of government to obese proportions.

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Commonsense Sovereignty

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Musings on the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition

For those who don’t follow British politics, Britons went to the polls on May 6 and elected a new Parliament and a new government. No party got a clear majority. The Conservatives took the most seats, followed by Labour, then the Liberal Democrats. After much bargaining, the almost inevitable happened: the new government is a coalition between the Tories and the Lib Dems.

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Have They Learned Anything Yet?

Politico reports that threats against Congress are up some 300% in the first few months of 2010 over a year ago. Some of those threats are quite personal and specific. Wisconsin representative Paul Ryan was out walking with his daughter when a black sport utility vehicle pulled up. “You’ve got a bull’s-eye on your head,” the driver allegedly told Ryan. “You’re gonna die, motherf—er.” The driver was opposed to the war in Iraq.

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