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Minerals Committee Covers Many Issues

By Charles Ware

The meeting’s content, originally planned for two days, was presented in one day to accommodate a tour. Committee members and guests took a tour the of energy projects in the Campbell County area. The result was a very packed meeting with delays in covering topics and frustrated presenters.

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Logic: Warping Pot Tax in Denver

If man ever built a machine that could defy the laws of nature, that machine would be the government. Our politicians and tax-paid bureaucrats are not that far into the skies yet, but they have certainly learned how to defy the laws of logic. The latest evidence comes from Denver, where the city is taxing medical marijuana at 7.72 percent to pay for public preschools and mass transit. Now a councilman wants to add an additional six percent to fund youth drug prevention programs:

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WLG Signs on to Prevent Internet Regulation By Feds

One of the last true bastions of true liberty is coming under attack – the Internet.

The Federal Communications Commission is proposing new rules that would give the federal government nearly unlimited power to control the Internet and World Wide Web.

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Obamacare Grants Threaten Private Insurance and Patient Options

At Wyoming Liberty Group’s June Commonsense Sovereignty Meeting, Senator Cale Case noted a pending federal grant of $1.5 million to fund the alignment of Wyoming’s private insurance regulation with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [Obamacare]. Had Wyoming accepted the federal grant, it would have radically altered Wyoming law in that state government would have been given the power to decide whether health insurance rate changes were “unreasonable” or “excessive.” It is well understood that the government program will compete with private insurance while maintaining an easy position from which to slant rules through potential manipulation of the insurance exchanges that the states now must establish.

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A matter of trust: state lands and sovereignty

Somewhere around the Fourth of July, Governor Freudenthal threatened to sell an attractive parcel of state land located in the confines of Grand Teton National Park.

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Learning From Others' Mistakes: Germany and Obamacare

It has been said so wisely that those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Similarly, those who cannot learn from others’ mistakes are condemned to repeat those mistakes. In the case of health reform it is painfully obvious that the Obama administration and its Democrat followers in Congress have not learned anything from Europe’s long history of socialized health care mistakes. Germany provides the latest example. The country still has private insurance providers, but their premiums are set almost entirely by the government, much like they will be under Obamacare:

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Just the Facts, Ma’am: Procedural Hijinks Defeat Individual Liberties at High Court

In my last post, I described the benefits of the Supreme Court’s opinion in McDonald v. City of Chicago while taking issue with the Court’s adopted mode of analysis.  The Court also released Christian Legal Society v. Hastings College of Law at the end of its term.  While the case had the potential to be a solid victory for supporters of free association and the exercise of religion, something went wrong along the litigation track.

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