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Wyoming Voters Say Individuals Make Better Spending Decisions than Government


The Wyoming government depends overwhelmingly on the minerals industry to fund its activities. The minerals industry, however, is a source of cyclical revenue; when revenues rise, so does government spending and hording. When revenues fall, politicians look to alternative sources of revenues to maintain spending levels. However, as the non mineral industry taxpaying population of Wyoming is unable to fund the shortfall, government has turned to corporate welfare, handing out unique benefits to specific companies or industries in the hope of increasing tax revenue.

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Leave Risky Business to Private Investors

Have you ever wondered whether government should buy coal or natural gas, convert it to a higher valued product and then sell that product in the open market? If this sounds like a bad idea to you, you’d be right. Private companies have already invested their own money in this type of scheme and lost big. It is unlikely government would do better with your money. However, that is exactly what the Wyoming government is about to do.

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