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Leave Risky Business to Private Investors

Have you ever wondered whether government should buy coal or natural gas, convert it to a higher valued product and then sell that product in the open market? If this sounds like a bad idea to you, you’d be right. Private companies have already invested their own money in this type of scheme and lost big. It is unlikely government would do better with your money. However, that is exactly what the Wyoming government is about to do.

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Wyoming Becomes an Alternative Energy Producer

“I believe in a free lunch being free like I believe in a perpetual motion machine.”
Sen Charlie Scott (R-Natrona) February 18, 2015, during the Wyoming Senate debate on HB 53

Minerals prices are low, tax revenue is on the decline, and Governor Mead and many Wyoming legislators are scrambling to appear to be doing something about it. One something that came out of the 2015 Legislative Session was the Minerals to Value Added Products Program. Yes, just what we need, another government program, but this one proposes to make taxpayers a partner in alternative energy projects private company are fleeing from as fast as they can. But if people using their own money are unwilling to engage in such risky ventures, politicians are wrong to take Wyoming down this path.

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