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Wyoming’s Pension Plans – Objections to Reform

Few people understand how the state pension system works but objections to reform are legion. Even though the type of pension benefit state employees receive has virtually disappeared in the private sector, many politicians, bureaucrats and state pension managers seem to think the government sector is different, making reform unnecessary. However, government sector pension plans suffer from the same fundamental flaws as those now mostly purged from the private sector. For that reason, we must overcome these objections and start serious reform in the government sector.

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Wyoming’s Pension Plans – Reform, Ruin or Bail Out

  • Pension contributions to rise.
  • Taxpayers now contribute $6.71 for every $1 contributed by bureaucrats.
  • Taxpayers soon to be gouged at $7.08:1 before improvement to $6.21:1. 

Wyoming’s last legislative session saw movement in the direction of more government sector pension reform, and not a moment too soon. With only 77.62 cents per dollar promised available to pay retired state workers should financial disaster strike, Wyoming’s legislators recognize that the state’s pension plan contributions must rise. Fortunately, legislators also recognize that government workers themselves must contribute more to their own retirement. Problems inherent to the government sector pension plans are augmented when employees contribute little or nothing to their own retirement. Taxpayer contribution equity is the first step towards a pension system fair to both retirees and taxpayers. 

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Keep Indoctrination out of Wyoming Schools

This Letter to the Editor was published in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle on April 23, 2014 (albeit with a different and inaccurate title). 

We should congratulate Wyoming’s legislature for defunding the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The NGSS are biased and riddled with propaganda designed to indoctrinate students and drive an eco-agenda.

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Wyoming Legislature Right to Defund Science Standards

  • State Board of Education must reject eco-indoctrination

We should congratulate Wyoming’s legislature for defunding the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) because these standards indoctrinate children with misinformation to drive an eco-agenda. Our legislature made the right decision when it decided to keep partisan political viewpoints out of Wyoming schools.

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Corporate Welfare in Wyoming

  • The Zombie of Amendment Four Rises 

The drafters of Wyoming’s constitution wisely tried to prevent future politicians from giving taxpayers’ money away to individuals or private entities. Article 3, Section 36 of the Wyoming Constitution prohibits appropriations to “any person, corporation or community not under the absolute control of the state.” It seems clear enough, and for the most part prevents lawmakers from providing corporate welfare directly to individual business entities. However, it hasn’t prevented legislators from using creative methods to hand out money to their favorites indirectly.

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A Beautiful Wyoming Sunset

by Jason Gay

In 1995 “telecommunications” consisted of landline and cellular telephone services. In this technological environment Wyoming regulated the telecommunications industry. Today, many people have forgone the landline phone in favor of wireless or internet based services. No less than AT&T has pointed out that the landline network is on a path to extinction.

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Andy Johnson’s EPA Case a Quick Test of Senate File 75

When the Environmental Protection Agency decided to go after Andy Johnson, they probably did not believe they were throwing a rock at a hornet’s nest.  Since the story broke last week that the EPA is threatening Johnson, a welder who lives with his family on an 8-acre plot near Fort Bridger, with $75,000 a day in fines for constructing a pond on his property that is supplied by a small creek, the uproar has gone nationwide.  As Johnson points out, if his pond—a pristine home to wild fish and source of clean water for his horses—is in any way a hazard to the environment, what isn’t?

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