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Downtown Cheyenne Still Looking For Its Vision

The leaders of Cheyenne’s Downtown Development Authority (“DDA”) conducted a strategic planning process. The solution for Downtown Cheyenne does not lie in more big-ticket government spending programs. Instead, downtown leaders need to focus on the basics without trying to micromanage the private real estate market.

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Reforming Entitlements Benefit Patients and Taxpayers Alike

Entitlements used to be considered the “third-rail” of American politics. Now the public recognizes that without major changes to Medicare and Medicaid, both programs threaten our fiscal future.   Fortunately, there are reforms that not only save taxpayers money, but also deliver better healthcare to the elderly and needy. 

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Wyoming Budget Update - Local Government Funding

The $105 million local government funding budget is state aid funded entirely from a rainy day fund raid. Time to grab your wallet and rund for the hills. 


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Wyoming Budget Update - We Don't Need the One Percent Account

The Wyoming budget was broken up into a number of parts. In addition to the general appropriations bill we also had the State Capital Construction Bill and the Local Government aid bills. None of these other bills have gone to the governor yet.

How has the entire budget changed as it moved through the budget session and how has that effected the rainy day fund raid and the need to steal from future generations?


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Wyoming Budget Update - Budget Shortfall Measures

Or how to raid the rainy day fund and manipulate revenue forecasts all in one. Although on the surface, the purpose of SF 68 is to direct the governor and legislature on how to address budget shortfalls, it does much more. It creates the one percent severance tax account, gives the governor a tool to raid the rainy day fund, and changes who picks the members of the CREG.


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Maureen Bader
Hi Susan, thank you for your comment. This section was further amended and the CREG was made an agency, will consist of one or mor... Read More
Friday, 04 March 2016 14:18
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How to Fund a Porkfest Without Really Trying

Everybody wants the one percent

Did you know the State of Wyoming has more than one fund with handy cash ready for the taking? While most people think of the Legislative Stabilization Reserve Account (LSRA) as the rainy day fund, the state has hundreds of spend-ready funds. One of those, the Strategic Investment and Project Account (SIPA), could act as the source of funds for some of the capital construction projects legislators still want to fund, even as state revenue plummets.

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Wyoming Budget Update - UW Matching Funds and Gov Priorities

For those who want to spend millions of  dollars for elite athletics, hey -  give your own money to the Cowboy Joe club. Don’t try to force the taxpayer to pay more for elite athletics. They have other priorities.


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