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How to Roll Back Obamacare

Charlie Katebi and Chuck Gray on KVOC discuss recent efforts by Arkansas lawmakers to roll back Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion and why Wyoming was right to reject it.

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Dangerous Sign Regulation

Some sign regulations make driving more dangerous, not safer.

We are accustomed to obnoxious traffic laws and regulations government leaders claim will make us safer. Some overused examples are seatbelt laws and the prohibition against driving under the influence of alcohol. But Cheyenne’s local ordinance prohibiting drivers from receiving driving directions via cell phone while driving shows how just far local governments are willing to go to supposedly promote traffic safety—even when the laws make it harder for drivers to find and get to their destinations. But an emerging trend in sign regulation goes beyond obnoxiousness and actually makes driving more dangerous.

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Medicaid Expansion Failure A Win for Wyoming

Amy Edmonds speaks with Senior Health Care Analyst Charlie Katebi about why the failure of Medicaid Expansion was a good thing for Wyoming citizens.  Katebi points out the weak arguments by those who supported expansion and tells us why waiting has helped Wyoming to see what expansion has done in other states.  Their budgets woes are a lesson learned for Wyoming.  Listen to this new podcast and learn more about why expansion will never be the right thing to do for Wyoming. 


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Amy Edmonds Speaks About Education Savings Account with Chuck Gray KVOC

Amy Edmonds spoke with Chuck Gray on his radio show Tuesday and discussed why Education Savings Accounts will help improve the state's budget woes and provide much needed school choice options throughout the state.  Education Savings Accounts are funded through a voluntary tax credit and then awarded to means tested Wyoming families and would provide $8000 per child for their education.  Wyoming currently spends over $16,000 per child on public education.  This plan would provide a savings of half that cost.  Listen as Amy and Chuck discuss the details.  


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Wind Tax Revenue Won't Pay for Corporate Welfare

The Wyoming mainstream media went into a frenzy this week when it reported a 15 percent drop in wind production tax revenue. The $600,000 revenue reduction highlighted how alternative revenue sources will not make up for out-of-control government spending. This discussion also includes the problems with corporate welfare and how high electricity costs drive business away. 


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Dangerous Sign Regulation Trends

Boyd Wiggam and Chuck Gray discuss an emerging sign regulation trend that makes driving more dangerous, on KVOC.


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Benefits and Burdens of a Balanced Budget Amendment

Charlie Katebi and Glenn Woods of Boldrepublic.com discuss recent efforts by state legislatures to add a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution and the impact it would have on our fiscal future.


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