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Government Must Go On a Diet

By Jason Williams, WLG Commentary

This past week The Road to Serfdom by economist F. A. Hayek, a book that was published 66 years ago, rose to number one on the Amazon.com bestseller list.  Hayek was outraged that intellectuals, the “suppliers of ideas,” were selling central planning despite being in the midst of the horrors committed by the Nazi state. British intellectuals of the time were stone deaf to the loud reality: central planning is not only antithetical to human achievement; it leads to atrocities and all manner of degradation and misery.  Politicians then as now, glutton-like, fed on the unhealthy ideas of central planning, expanding the waistline of government to obese proportions.

Today government spending exceeds our GDP, and is at its highest level since World War II with no end in sight. http://www.usgovernmentspending.com/us_20th_century_chart.html
People are reading Hayek because our government more than ever threatens to consume us. Just as a poor diet often leads to a premature death, consuming the notions of central planning and socialism leads to serfdom. Unfortunately, today’s intellectuals still feed the politicians stale central planning leftovers.  They have yet to acknowledge Hayek’s fundamental lesson: the only healthy policies are those that promote liberty.


Commonsense Sovereignty
Yes We Can – Cut Government Spending

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Saturday, 24 February 2018

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