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Allow Telecommunications Act to Sunset

  • WyLiberty releases Liberty Brief  — Weak Connections in Telecommunications
  • Recommendations:
    • Update legislation to separate telecommunications from Internet service
    • Improve definitions to eliminate ambiguity
    • Join lawsuits filed against the FCC to challenge its expansion 

CHEYENNE: The Wyoming Liberty Group released Weak Connections in Telecommunications today to provide citizens and legislators with alternatives to more government interference in the telecommunications industry as a way to lower consumer prices. 

“Instead of looking at new technology as an opportunity for more government regulation we see it as an opportunity for new market growth,” said Jason Gay, Wyoming Liberty Group Financial Analyst and the report’s author. “The increase in telecommunications fees to fund government intervention makes it more difficult for people to afford these advances, feeding the call for more government intervention. It is a death spiral.”

Weak Connections in Telecommunications outlines the history of government intervention in the telecommunications industry and the evolution of the industry. In particular, it highlights the Federal Communications Commission unauthorized overreach into broadband and the Internet, and provides recommendations now that the Wyoming Telecommunications Act of 1995 sunset in July 2015.

“Wyoming has the opportunity to update its own laws to prevent the federal government from further restricting the development of the telecommunications market in the state,” said Gay. “Allowing Wyoming’s Telecom Act to sunset would solve many problems in the state and subject this industry to the same market forces as food, clothing and housing.”

Click here to read the entire brief.

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Friday, 20 October 2017
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