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Ode to Mack Daddy

by Tom Rose

2012 was a rough year in regard to employees of my outfitting business. The second full crew hiring attempt contained an employee I called “Mack Daddy”. (Reasons for this nickname will not be explored here) Mack Daddy was in his mid-30s, had been to college and worked as a fly fishing Guide. A most congenial and personable young man.

I assigned Mack Daddy a stretch of fence to repair, and another section to remove, roll up the wire, pull all posts. My second in command that year, Woodchopper Mat and I explained collectively and individually how I wanted the fence repaired. The fence is sighted on one of Wyoming’s unusual wet boggy areas, so it was a bit tricky. The neighbor’s cows had identified this stretch as weak which made the job more critical as well as pressing. The ranch on which these fences are located is a half hour drive out of Dubois, in suburban Burris. Mack Daddy assured me as well as Woodchopper Mat, that he clearly understood the tasks and spent two weeks working on them. Woodchopper Mat was working full time as well as riding for me. I had some rather pressing personal issues that summer. In short, Mack Daddy was entirely unsupervised for the two weeks.

Mack Daddy reported at the end of two weeks that he found it impossible to pull any of the posts despite having at his disposal a purpose built post puller, and a well-tuned handyman jack with chain. No I did not trust Mack Daddy with a tonner truck mounted winch, I’m not that naïve. He also reported that the boggy fence stretch was in “excellent” repair. The time it took him to accomplish these jobs seemed rather long to me, I asked Woodchopper Mat and we decided possibly a learning curve could account for the time spent.

I drove out to the ranch to check on the horses and view the fencing. The boggy stretch had been slip shoddily repaired in a manner that bore no resemblance to instruction. A tremendous amount of wire as well as posts had been used and the property line had been completely ignored. The repair had to be completely re-done. Good fences make good neighbors; bad fences make justifiably angry neighbors. Taking liberties with ones neighbor’s property is certainly BAD neighboring, as well as really bad fencing.

The as related “impossibly stuck” posts yielded to my one armed pull. Perhaps I was very strong that day?

Summary, I was out two weeks wages, and a significant amount of fencing materials. On top of this I would need to repair the fence line to remedy the mess Mack Daddy had made of it.

What is the point of this? I should have had a better eye on Mack Daddy. Supervised him more closely, prevented the problems in infancy. This is a major part of being an employer. Why am I writing this here?

Wyoming’s Government, our Government. As residents the Government is our employee, and is currently operating like Mack Daddy. There is a distinct lack of oversight and transparency. We are being told that there is a tremendous monetary shortfall for governance of Wyoming. To date requests to open the books made by the organization openthebooks.com have been blocked, ignored or denied. There is talk of major tax increases, where is all the money going? Do we want to continue paying Mack Daddy when we have no idea what he’s doing?

Stand and Deliver Transparency

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Thursday, 18 January 2018

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