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ATTENTION - Your Taxes Will Go Up!

It is important for the people of Wyoming to take action!

18LSO-0142 - Sales Tax on Specified Services (This is the proposed legislation)

This proposed bill will impose a 4-6% sales tax on the services that you use on a regular basis, increasing the price at the register and increasing the cost of goods purchased when small businesses are forced to pass along the service taxes they pay in order for them to remain profitable and in business.

If taxes are imposed on services... it will cost you!

  1. Agriculture Services: Veterinary services for fido and fluffy, landscaping, little Johnny down the street mowing your lawn and shoveling your walks.

  2. Personal Services: Mama getting her hair cut and fluffed, Popsy getting a shave and haircut, junior’s math tutor. And, you will have to pay a tax to have your taxes prepared. The catchall – other personal services that are “not otherwise classified.”

  3. Business services: Art and graphic design, pest control, court reporting. The catchall – other business services that are “not otherwise classified.”

  4. Amusement: Rodeo tickets, dance schools and studios, Johnny’s piano lessons, bowling and fitness centers, golf and hunting ranges and gun safety/personal protection classes. The catchall – and other amusement and recreation services that are not otherwise classified.

  5. Legal services. Costs you more to have access to your court system.

  6. Engineering and management services, architectural, surveying, accounting, bookkeeping management and consulting services, testing laboratories, services of real estate agents and managers.

  7. Communications services including cable and other pay television services. In actuality, also the old and new economy – telegrams to instagrams, newspapers to the internet, email services, video streaming services and audio services.


The committee will vote to send up a bill for consideration to the legislature on December 4th and 5th on whether or not to raise your taxes.

Let Your Legislator Know and Sign the Petition.

Together we can make a positive difference in government transparency and efficiency. This is foundational for economic growth in Wyoming.

Wyoming The Tax Hike State, Part 2
Jonathan Downing joins Glenn Woods on KGAB

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Guest - charlie on Thursday, 23 November 2017 13:20

I think the vote in Gillette shows where Wyoming people are on taxes

I think the vote in Gillette shows where Wyoming people are on taxes !
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Sunday, 25 February 2018

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