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Common Core Promises Remain Unfulfilled

Common Core Promises Remain Unfulfilled

Common Core has been one of the most polarizing education initiatives ever conceived by national education bureaucrats. From its conception it has divided and angered hundreds of thousands of parents across the country. They created huge numbers of grassroots organizations, including several here in Wyoming, to oppose this corrosive education scheme. These groups have spent years working to eliminate the Common Core Standards and the testing scenarios that accompany them.

So, where are we now with the Common Core Standards? Wyoming adopted the Common Core Standards in 2010. The state has been rolling out the standards and subsequent curriculum since that time. Despite all of the promises of great student achievements, statewide test scores and other student outcome indicators have not improved to the level of the promises made.   As discussed in this piece, Wyoming has been spending more and more money on education schemes like the Common Core, an unfunded “voluntary” federal mandate in every sense of the word, with little to no major improvement in student outcomes and more than a little damage to the overall education of our students.

While attempts to convince lawmakers in Wyoming to rollback the Common Core have failed, the silver lining for parents has been a renewed passion for more school choice. And the ridicule over the Common Core continues across the state and country, thru venues like social media. Memes like the one above are still being posted all over the internet as parents strike back.

We wanted to share a great piece from a writer who takes a closer look at the national outcomes of the Common Core.   Slowly but surely, the Common Core is beginning to melt away. History will not be kind to this damaging education scheme. And as you will read, studies of the effects of these standards and consequent curriculums clearly show that their advocates failed to achieve the lofty results they touted. Quite the opposite -- this scheme is the worst education blunder in the past decade, rivaling even No Child Left Behind.

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Monday, 11 December 2017

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