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Another Option for State Tax Revenue

  • Time for Wyoming’s legislature to show leadership

Among all the talk of spending or saving the smidgen of extra money Wyoming’s government thinks it has, the concept of leaving it in the pockets of the people who earned it seems forgotten. During the Wyoming 2015-16 budget session, members of the Travel, Recreation, Wildlife & Cultural Resources committee had the opportunity to remember this option, and they did. Now it’s time for the entire legislature to do the same. 

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The Symptom is Lobbying; the Disease is Corporate Welfare

  • A double-edged waste of resources

One of the rights embodied in the First Amendment is the right to talk to legislators. These days, some groups spend a lot of money to talk to legislators and this has sent the liberal left into a frenzy. Liberals’ solution to the perceived problem of spending vast amounts to lobby government is to limit citizens’ ability to speak to their legislators. Here’s a thought: instead of stomping all over a citizen’s First Amendment rights, perhaps a better approach would be to remove the reason to spend so much money to talk to legislators – the massive amount of other peoples’ money the political class can arbitrarily hand out to powerful and well-connected special interest groups.

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Political Machinations in the Legislature, Part II: The Public Records Bill

The trials and tribulations of SF 25, while of less monetary concern than the ethanol bill, matched all the legislative drama and for some legislators took on a more personal tone.

The bill was the product of debates over Wyoming’s antiquated open records statutes. Wyoming’s open records laws, enacted in 1969 as the Wyoming Public Records Act, define what government information is accessible to the public. Recent court battles over the definition of the law highlighted the need for revisions to the existing statutes. During last year’s interim, legislators requested representatives of Wyoming’s media and local government lobbying interests come together and craft a compromise bill both sides could live with.

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Political Machinations in the Legislature, Part I: The Ethanol Subsidy

by JP Eichmiller

“Laws are like sausages. It’s better not to see them being made.”

– Otto Von Bismarck

Bismarck, a Prussian statesman credited with unifying Germany (a country with a renowned tubular meat history), likely knew a great deal about both sausage and politics. One hundred and thirteen years after his death, Bismarck’s comment on the formation of both rings as true today in Wyoming as it did in nineteenth century Europe.

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Wyoming 2012 Budget Session Updates

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The Demise of Healthy Frontiers

By JP Eichmiller

March 9, 2012

The final chapter of the Healthy Frontiers Demonstration Project was written this week in the chambers of the Wyoming Capitol when legislators voted to terminate the program.

In a legislative session marked by talk of spending cuts and budget restraint, legislators were unwilling to continue funding the controversial health demonstration project championed by Sen. Charles Scott, R-Natrona. This was despite the fact that Sen. Scott was not asking for additional appropriations, only an extension of the operating deadline. Healthy Frontiers proved unable to overcome its growing reputation as a costly and ill-advised venture for the state of Wyoming into public health care.

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Healthy Frontiers Defeated (For Real This Time)

Yesterday afternoon, the Wyoming Senate adopted Joint Conference Committee Report 1 for Senate File 1, the Senate’s budget bill. Among many other things, this report removes a provision that would have continued funding the Healthy Frontiers program for another year.

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