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Foamy Beer, Foamy Soda In Education Budgets

Bob Nelson talks with Gary Freeman on KGAB 650AM radio about the gap between expectations and reality in K-12 education spending.

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Obamacare’s False Promise to Hospitals

Ever since Obamacare took effect, hospitals have lobbied states incessantly to pass its Medicaid expansion provision. But new research suggests that Medicaid expansion won’t help hospitals and may even harm them.  

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Foamy Beer, Foamy Soda

Many people like beer, lots of people like soda. Beer and soda always have foam, but it’s the beverage we want, not the foam. What does that have to do with Wyoming K-12 education?

In education, what we want (beverage) is instruction. Everything else is foam. On Message, Inc. found this to be true in a recent poll they conducted on behalf of Wyoming Liberty Group. Seventy-three percent of respondents favored the idea of a law that requires 80% of all education funding be spent in the classroom.

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Wyoming Education Spends a Lot of Bucks With Little Bang

Robert Nelson explains how Wyoming spends more on education than its neighbors but shows no improvement in student test scores.  

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Inconveniently inefficient

Wyoming’s constitution mandates K-12 education be universal, free of charge and efficient 1. However, the concept of efficiency is so inconvenient it was scarcely mentioned in the course of more than twenty years of litigation about K-12 funding. The result is the mammoth and terrifically expensive education system we now have.

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New Poll Reveals Voters Strongly Oppose Medicaid Expansion

Charlie Katebi joined Glenn Woods on Bold Republic to discuss a new poll that shows most Wyoming voters oppose Obamacare's expansion of Medicaid. 

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Science and Retractions

Retraction Watch, http://retractionwatch.com/, is a blog that monitors scientific and other journals for retractions. It sounds really simple, and the basic concept is. But the implications are fascinating.

Repeatability is key to the scientific method. If I report results from an experiment, I should report in sufficient detail that you can reproduce my experiment exactly. And you should get the same results, within the inevitable instrumentation error. If you get a very different result, something is seriously wrong.

A scientific journal should make every reasonable effort to ensure that published papers are accurate. Peer review at its best is part of this process, but has its critics. Peer review and the editorial process don’t catch everything. Occasionally an error slips through and a paper is retracted.

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