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Wisconsin Concealed Carry Case Could Impact in Wyoming

A Wisconsin circuit court has ruled that Wisconsin’s concealed carry statute (Wis. Stat. § 941.23 (2009)) is overbroad and therefore unconstitutional. State v. Schultz, No. 10-CM-138 (Clark Co., WI, filed Oct. 10, 2010) Wisconsin simply prohibits concealment of weapons; it has no provision for a concealed carry permit, like Wyoming’s “shall issue” permit system (WS § 6-8-104). Indeed, in the court’s decision granting motion to dismiss in Schultz, the court indicated that a concealed carry permit system might satisfy the court.

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Humberto Fontova Talks the 'Real Che Guevara'

Humberto Fontova, a native of Havana, Cuba, shares his views on Fidel Castro and Ernesto “Che” Guevara and how the main stream media and pop culture have distorted their roles in the Communist revolution in Cuba.

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No Recession Here: America’s Welfare State is Thriving

Despite all you have heard about government deficits and tight budgets both at federal and state levels, in at least one way government is growing happily: The welfare state.

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Obama v JFK on taxes

In this post by Lisa Mathias of The Winston Group President Obama is pit against President Kennedy in a debate over tax cuts.

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There is Still Time to Stop the Dark Side

In my forthcoming book, Remaking America: Welcome to the Dark Side of the Welfare State, I describe how the welfare state reaches a breaking point where government will run away from its promises to citizens and taxpayers – without cutting taxes to compensate. This one-sided roll-back of government leaves people poorer and contributes to a depression of economic activity in the private sector. America is not quite at this breaking point yet, but we can already see a precipitous preview of what is to come on a large scale. Around the country, governments are bailing out of the hospital business in part due to poor reimbursements from tax-paid Medicare and Medicaid. The Wall Street Journal reports:

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Shotgun Compassion: Taxpayers Forced to pay Healthcare for Illegals

In an egregious case of abuse of taxpayer money, county politicians in the Atlanta, Georgia area are forcing their constituents to fund expensive health care for illegal immigrants. The New York Times has the story:

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Chutzpah Redefined

Remember the Yiddish word “chutzpah”? It means noticeable effrontery above and beyond the call even of a Hollywood PR agent. The classic definition is “murdering your parents, and then throwing yourself on the mercy of the court because you’re an orphan”.

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