No Tax Petition Revised

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It's important to let your Legislator's know that you do not support tax increases!

Ask your Legislator to be accountable to policies that encourage Transparency Before Taxes! 

Thank you for taking a stand by signing the No Tax Petition and supporting Transparency Before Taxes


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What commitment are Petition signers making? +

The Petition affirms that you will oppose net tax increases, oppose the creation of new taxes, and oppose elimination of tax exemptions or deductions unless these are matched dollar for dollar by tax rate reductions.

This Petition represents a long-term commitment for good government +

The Petition is a commitment to oppose all net tax increases in Wyoming prior to 2024 in order to spur government transparency and efficiency reforms and give reforms time to take effect.

Can the Petition allow for spending emergencies? +

Financial shortfalls are best addressed by putting our financial house in order, since experience shows that raising taxes can make the situation worse by damping down the private economy and thus eventually reducing revenues. Legislators and government leadership can address these financial situations by reducing spending. A streamlined government can handle ups and downs.

Does the Petition obstruct tax reform? +

The Petition does not oppose revenue-neutral tax reform. It does support tax reductions along with spending reductions as a means to nourish private sector growth.

Why do Wyoming citizens need to take a stand and sign the Petition? +

Job losses combined with an oversized government have left Wyoming’s fragile economy in trouble. Any additional tax, small or large, on anyone in Wyoming affects the whole community by a domino effect. There is no way to “tax the other guy” and get away free. The economy cannot bear a heavier government burden. It needs all its resources to recover and diversify itself.


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