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Part 1: Estimating the Structural Deficit in Wyoming

There are two types of budget deficits: cyclical and structural. Policy measures aimed at eliminating a deficit must be tuned to the type of deficit they are applied to. This paper, the first in a series of four, suggests a method for determining whether or not Wyoming is faced with a structural or cyclical deficit. Subsequent papers will propose appropriate policies to eliminate the deficit. (Read More...)

Part 2: Privatizing the University of Wyoming

Budget deficits are as old as government but did not become a topic relevant to economists until tIn a speech in 2000 at Erfurt University in Germany, then Chancellor of the University of California at Berkeley, Robert Berdahl, explained how both America and Germany have benefited from a long tradition of private higher education. (Read More...)

Part 3: Independence from Federal Aid to States

One of the biggest obstacles to a structural reduction of state government spending is the role that federal money plays in state budgets. (Read More...)

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