Closing Thoughts

Aside from what is present in the curriculum, what is absent is just as important. In the early years, there are no documents about the true origins of this country, of the American Revolution. Such content starts to appear in sixth grade, but that it is not included earlier reeks of someone thinking that such stories are not appropriate for younger students who are not yet fully indoctrinated in leftist revisionism. This bears a stark resemblance to how in June a principal at a school in New York City refused to let Kindergartners sing “God Bless the USA” because it was not age-appropriate for 5-year olds to have pride in their country48. It is clear this apologist line of thinking, namely that we should be ashamed of America, has infected the Common Core.

“Through the process of dehumanization, the students will place less value on themselves as individuals.”

The Common Core is filled with leftist ideas. The reading list will teach a revisionist history of the United States that focuses on the evils of racial oppression as the main aspect of our country’s past. Socialist indoctrination pervades in the high school years, with students reading about a universal human right to a healthy peacetime life and the spirit of liberty being altruism, and how the rich don’t deserve their wealth. The standards themselves make the students more susceptible to these ideas by reinforcing group work, dehumanizing the individual, and not teaching students to uncover inherent biases. Armed with the Common Core, the left can indoctrinate the coming generations to ensure the dominance of their ideas at the expense of democracy. Without students educated to objectively decide for themselves, our system of representative government cannot function.

About Ivan Larsonivan

Ivan Larson graduated Cheyenne’s East High in May 2012. After interning at Wyoming Liberty Group in the summer of 2012, he enrolled at Ashland University, where he is an Ashbrook Scholar.

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