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Medicaid's Mental Health Scandal

Charlie Katebi and Gary Freeman on KGAB discuss Medicaid's tragic impact on mentally ill patients and why Medicaid expansion won't provide them better healthcare access.  


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UnitedHealth Obamacare's Death Spiral

Charlie Katebi and Chuck Gray on KVOC discuss UnitedHealth's departure from Obamacare's health insurance exchanges and what it means for patients and President Obama's healthcare law.


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Corporate Welfare in Wyoming - A Transparency Problem

Maureen Bader and Chuck Gray discuss the lack of transparency in one of Wyoming's corporate welfare schemes - Legislatively Determined Investments, on KVOC. Listen as Maureen and Chuck talk about one example of a handout directed at a specific company and how the legislation changed to disguse its true intent. 


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Maureen Bader
Thank you once again for your comment. As you may well imagine, given the plague-like nature of this disease, keeping up with who ... Read More
Friday, 15 April 2016 15:18
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Cheyenne City Council's Refusal to Act on UDC Overregulation to Fix the Unaffordable Housing Problem---and Backyard Chickens

Cheyenne has a housing supply and affordability problem. Housing is scarce and expensive relative to household incomes in the area, but current regulations force developers to add unnecessary costs in the name of “aesthetics” to satisfy the architectural taste preferences of regulators. Boyd Wiggam and Doug Randall of KGAB discuss the City Council's rejection of a deregulation proposal that would have saved money for families on a 5-5 vote—even though the regulatory costs are ultimately passed along to the lower-income families that are struggling to find housing that fits within their budgets.


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Is Wyoming Getting What it Pays for in Education?

Amy Edmonds speaks with KGAB’s Gary Freeman about education in Wyoming. Is Wyoming truly getting what it pays for when it comes to public education? Wyoming would be better off looking at Education Savings Accounts as a way to save taxpayers money and strengthen parental choice. Listen in as they talk about this and other education related topics.

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Aesthetic Regulations and Cheyenne's Affordable Housing Problem

Boyd Wiggam and Chuck Gray of KVOC in Casper discuss the Cheyenne City Council’s refusal to ease the economic burden that aesthetic design regulations for new apartment buildings impose on working families in Cheyenne, even in the face of the significant shortage of affordable, unsubsidized housing in the community.


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How to Roll Back Obamacare

Charlie Katebi and Chuck Gray on KVOC discuss recent efforts by Arkansas lawmakers to roll back Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion and why Wyoming was right to reject it.

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