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WyLiberty Releases Preliminary Legislator Budget Frugality Scorecard

CHEYENNE WY: The Wyoming Liberty Group released the Budget second reading amendment vote scores for Wyoming legislators today. This ranks legislators on frugality as the Wyoming budget moves through the amendment process.

“The Wyoming government’s operational budget has a multi-million dollar deficit and is dipping into the rainy day fund,” said Maureen Bader, WyLiberty economist and study lead. “Which legislators are thrifty and working to bring the budget in line with available funding, and which are pushing the budget over the edge for a deep dive into the rainy day fund? We created this database to find out.”

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WyLiberty Publishes Comprehensive Paper on Reforming Wyoming Criminal Law

CHEYENNE, WY – The Wyoming Liberty Group released a comprehensive policy paper today, “Criminal Law in Wyoming: An Overview and Analysis of Possible Reforms.” The latest issue in WyLiberty’s series, the Liberty Brief, the paper provides a broad assessment of Wyoming criminal statutes and addresses potential changes to law and policy. These reforms include amending or repealing certain criminal statutes, changing Wyoming’s approach to criminal sentencing, and enacting new laws that reduce strict liability offenses.

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Medicaid Expansion Cut from Budget, Good News for Wyoming

CHEYENNE, WY: The Wyoming Liberty Group applauds Wyoming’s Joint Appropriation Committee’s removal of Medicaid Expansion from the Wyoming budget. WyLiberty has released Medicaid Expansion: Myths and Realities today, which debunks the most popular myths used by Governor Matt Mead to support Medicaid Expansion.

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WyLiberty Releases Survey Results Detailing Voter Disapproval of Corporate Welfare

• Majority agree:

• Wyoming would be more prosperous if people made own spending decisions;
• Families unlikely to benefit from corporate welfare schemes;
• Private sector better at determining potential of new technology than government;
• Are unwilling to pay higher electricity costs to attract data centers.

•  People of Wyoming say put excess tax revenue into their hands instead of government.

CHEYENNE: Wyoming Liberty Group released the results of a survey today that asked 500 likely voters in Wyoming their opinion on the state government’s use of tax dollars to benefit private companies.

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WyLiberty Brief Helps End Wisconsin Political Investigation

MADISON, WI — Today, the Wisconsin Supreme Court issued its ruling in “The John Doe Cases,” an appeal consolidating numerous cases relating to a secret investigation of numerous political groups and citizens in the state. In its ruling, the court accepted a friend-of-the-court brief filed by the Wyoming Liberty Group and agreed with the brief’s argument that the Wisconsin law in question is unconstitutionally vague and overbroad.

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Supreme Court Decision Sets Aside Rule of Law

Cheyenne:  The Supreme Court today upheld the authority of the IRS to pay subsidies on the federal insurance exchange under the Affordable Care Act, despite the law’s clear language that subsidies are available on exchanges “established by a state,” undermining the meaning of words and the separation of powers, Wyoming Liberty Group said today.

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WyLiberty Attorneys File Brief in Wisconsin Free Speech Case

MADISON, WI – Wyoming Liberty Group attorneys filed an amicus curiae (friend-of-the-court) brief in the Wisconsin Supreme Court today in Three Unnamed Petitioners v. Peterson, a case consolidated with two others in what has become known as the “Wisconsin John Doe Investigation.” The prosecution in each case alleges illegal campaign finance coordination between political groups and ostensibly members of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s campaign. WyLiberty’s brief argues that Wisconsin law governing coordination is unconstitutionally overbroad, and the latest effort to criminalize political participation.

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