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WyLiberty Attorneys File Petition with the United States Supreme Court

CHEYENNE – Wyoming Liberty Group attorneys filed a petition with the United States Supreme Court today, requesting the Court hear an appeal of the case Free Speech v. Federal Election Commission (FEC). Free Speech, a small grassroots group of three Wyomingites, sued the FEC in 2012 for maintaining vague and overbroad regulations that prevent political engagement. The case was dismissed by the Wyoming Federal District Court and the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed its ruling.

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Cheyenne City Council Votes to Censor Free Speech

• Council voted to keep restrictive regulations on political signs on private property.
• A similar sign ordinance was ruled unconstitutional in 1996.

CHEYENNE – The Wyoming Liberty Group denounces Cheyenne City Council’s vote to maintain rules imposing size, number, and time regulations on signs posted on private property, at a City Council meeting last night.

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Wyoming Laws Threaten Private Property Rights

  • WyLiberty releases report detailing weak protection for private property.
  • Law enforcement should meet higher standards before seizing citizens’ money, cars, firearms or other legally owned property.
  • The state must carefully monitor and provide an accurate accounting of the civil forfeiture process.
  • Wyoming should end or limit participation in federal forfeiture cases.
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Capture of Children’s Data Requires Transparency

  • WyLiberty releases Liberty Brief: State Leviathan to Consume Children’s Private Information.
  • Capturing children’s personal information never discussed by legislature.
  • Backdoor funding method implies uncertainty about public support.
  • Instead of building a data Leviathan to increase accountability to the political system, return education accountability to parents, teachers and schools.

CHEYENNE: The Wyoming Liberty Group’s latest Liberty Brief warns parents about the development of a State Longitudinal Data System that will collect their child’s private information from agencies across the state government. State Leviathan to Consume Children’s Private Information, authored by Maureen Bader, was released today 

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Allow Telecommunications Act to Sunset

  • WyLiberty releases Liberty Brief  — Weak Connections in Telecommunications
  • Recommendations:
    • Update legislation to separate telecommunications from Internet service
    • Improve definitions to eliminate ambiguity
    • Join lawsuits filed against the FCC to challenge its expansion 

CHEYENNE: The Wyoming Liberty Group released Weak Connections in Telecommunications today to provide citizens and legislators with alternatives to more government interference in the telecommunications industry as a way to lower consumer prices. 

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WyLiberty Arguments Prevail in Important Free Speech Case

CHEYENNE – The Third Court of Appeals of Texas ruled in Delay v. Texas today that evidence used to convict Tom DeLay of money laundering and conspiracy in 2010 was insufficient, overturning the verdict. The court relied on an argument put forth by WyLiberty attorneys Benjamin Barr and Stephen Klein in a friend-of-the-court brief.

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WyLiberty Attorneys Argue Appeal in Free Speech Case

DENVER, CO – Wyoming Liberty Group attorneys presented oral arguments to the United States Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Free Speech v. Federal Election Commission today.  The appeal follows the dismissal of the case by the United States District Court for the District of Wyoming, and argues that current federal campaign finance laws are vague and overbroad, threatening the First Amendment rights of grassroots groups. 

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