The Five Step Plan to Achieve National Health Care Reform

LB 008 ThumbAmericans know we cannot continue to operate our health care system as we do currently. The uncontrollable costs prove government-run health programs fail to deliver on their promises and that Americans suffer under a suppressed health insurance market that has limited our options. Year after year, we tweak and alter our current system hoping that results finally turn positive. The fundamental reason we have not made progress toward achieving affordable health care or insurance is the lack of a systematic process to guide reform efforts.

This paper identifies that process. This sequence is a series of five essential steps, combined in a manner that leverages free-market principles necessary to reform our health care system.

Step 1. Limit Federal and State government involvement in health care

Step 2. Return health insurance to the private market and individual

Step 3. Reform the structure and funding of Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP

Step 4. Perpetuate the free-market solutions

Step 5. Secure and protect health care reforms

The five steps deliver true reforms that correct mistakes made when we entangled health insurance with employment, and health care with entitlements. It is time to sever our tethered -elephant mindset by curtailing employer and government involvement in health care and put individuals back into control over their health care decisions.

Click here to download the brief.


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