state capitolH.B. #0005:
Education - Required School
Bus Video Equipment - 2

Sponsored by: Joint Education Interim Committee

PDF Download:
H.B. No. 0005 Education-required school bus video equipment-2.

AN ACT relating to school buses; requiring school buses transporting students to and from school and school activities to be equipped with specified video systems effective school year 2015-2016; reimbursing districts for associated costs; imposing duties; providing an appropriation; and providing for an effective date.
Summary: This bill was amended in committee to remove the "internal" cameras as a state mandate.  Now the districts are mandated to put external cameras on all school buses but not internal cameras. The bill has a $5M fiscal note from the school foundation account.  Money reverts back if not used by district.
Status: Passed 3rd Reading 32-27-1-0-0


This is a bill that places another mandate on local school districts to place cameras on their school buses. The bill allows for reimbursement by the state.  – Amy Edmonds
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