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Amy Edmonds comes to the Wyoming Liberty Group with six years of experience serving in the Wyoming Legislature. During her time in the House of Representative she served on the Agriculture, State and Public Lands & Water Resources Committee, the Minerals, Business & Economic Development Committee, the Revenue Committee and the Appropriations Committee. She has also worked in the non-profit world as the Executive Director of the Wyoming Association of Public Charter Schools. As a native of Wyoming’s neighbor to the east – Nebraska – Amy likes to borrow a statement once made by Wyoming’s former Governor Stan Hathaway, “I wasn’t born in Wyoming, but I got here as fast as I could.”Amy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science from the University of Wyoming.

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Anthony Vibbard is a Policy Analyst at Wyoming Liberty Group and a Liberty@Work Fellow through the Charles Koch Institute. His primary focus is on criminal justice reform. Anthony grew up in Lebanon, Missouri. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Recreation, Sports, and Park Administration from the Missouri State University, he worked as an ocean guide in the 10,000 Islands National Wildlife Refuge along the coastline of Southwest Florida. Anthony attended law school at the University of Missouri School of Law where he served as President of the Federalist Society, studied Comparative Criminal Justice and Constitution in Cape Town, South Africa, interned with the Institute for Justice, and worked on multiple cases with the Midwest Innocence Project.

Benjamin Barr serves as counsel with the Wyoming Liberty Group and Pillar of Law Institute. Barr is an attorney with a national practice specializing in the area of constitutional law. He has litigated constitutional concerns in federal courts throughout the nation in favor of individual liberty. The U.S. Supreme Court relied on a brief drafted on behalf of the Wyoming Liberty Group to reshape its reasoning in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

Boyd Wiggam serves as staff attorney with the Wyoming Liberty Group focusing on property rights, local government, and land use planning and zoning issues. He previously worked as a civil litigation attorney and for various businesses serving farmers and landowners in Laramie County. Wiggam, a Wyoming native, was raised on a farm in Eastern Laramie County , received an undergraduate degree from the University of Wyoming, did graduate coursework in Community and Regional Planning at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and received his law degree from the College of William & Mary in Virginia. He is an active member of both the Wyoming State Bar and Virginia State Bar.

  Free Speech   Economic Liberty   Government Expansion   Government Accountability   Property Rights   wyoming   Government Regulation   Land Rights   Environmentalism   Government Programs   Federal Government   Federalism   Politics   Local Government   First Amendment   Constitution   Over Regulation   News Releases   Private Property   Economics   United Development Code   PlanCheyenne   Freedom of Association   Grassroots   Government Taxation   Free Market   Land Management   Design Standards   Voting Rights   Tiananmen Square   Hong Kong   2015 General Session   Government Spending   Ombudsman   Repeal Legislation   Small Business   Entrepreneurship   Cheyenne   Casper   University of Wyoming   Ferguson   Downtown   Development   College Town   1040   Federal Income Tax   Income Tax   IRS   Opportunity Cost   Total Tax   US Supreme Court   Special Interests   Legislature   Transparency   Wyoming Legislature   Political Power   Property Regulation   Chickens   Podcast   Phil Nicholas   Video   Zoning   Economic Development   Right to Vote   Liquor Licenses   Common Core   Cronyism   Economic Protectionism   Political Yard Signs   City Administrator   Elections   Sovereignty   Core Principles   Cheyenne Downtown Development   Taxpayers   Cheyenne City Council   Deregulation   Eminent Domain   Blight   Taxpayer Protection Pledge   Tax Increases   Special Districts   Extraterritorial Jurisdiction   Economic Growth   Economic Diversity   Glenn Woods   2017 General Session   Property Tax   Gary Freeman

Charlie Katebi is a healthcare policy analyst at the Wyoming Liberty Group. Prior to joining the Wyoming Liberty Group, Charles interned at the American Action Forum, FreedomWorks, and the Reason Foundation, on issues ranging from regulatory policy to pension reform. He received his undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of British Columbia.

  obamacare   Medicaid Expansion   medicaid   Health Care   2015 General Session   Mary Throne   wyoming   Government Spending   Over Regulation   Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act   Uncompensated   Economic Liberty   King V Burwell   Government Taxation   US Supreme Court   Bobby Jindal   Health Freedom   Legislature   Matt Mead   Federalism   HHS   CMS   Budget   Wyoming Legislature   White House   Obama   Individuals with Education Disabilities Act   Heritage Foundation   Foundation for Government Accountability   Congress   IRS   Constitution   Direct Primary Care   Health Care Freedom Amendment   Physicians   Wyoming Department of Insurance   Sovereignty   News Releases   Individual Mandate   NFIB v. Sebelius   American Action Forum   Centers for Medicare and Medicaid   Congressional Budget Office   Socialist Health Care   Socialized Medicine   Baby Boomers   interstate Medical Licensure Compact   Nurse Licensure Compact   Wyoming State Board of Nursing   Wyoming Board of Medicine   All Payer Claims Database   APCD   Catalyst for Payment Reform   HCI3   Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute   Keith Smith   Charlie Scott   Cochrane Collaboration   Institute of Medicine   NCSL   US Preventive Services Task Force   Cheyenne VA Medical Center   Cynthia McCormick   Eric Shinseki   New York Times   Veterans Affairs   VA Scandal   Qliance   Physician Foundation   eHeath Insurance   Accenture   Eric Barlow   Health Pocket   Lloyd Larsen   Ralph Hayes   Tom Glause   Wyoming State Group Insurance Program   Health Insurance   Medicare   Smart Shopper   World War II   Wyoming Hospital Association   Southern Illinois Healthcare   Kentucky   Illinois   CREG   Colorado   Blue Cross Blue Shield   Risk Corridor   Stephen Goldstone   WINhealth   National Council of the State Board of Nursing   National Council Licensed Examination   Cynthia LaBonde   Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Compact   Mckinsey   US Census   Moodys   St. John Medical Center   Wyoming Department of Health   Wyoming Behavioral Institute   University of Wyoming   Universal Health Services   Medical Group Management Association   Locum Tennans   Journal of General Internal Magazine   Association of American Medical Colleges   Annals of Family Medicine   Budget Control Act   Budget Cuts   Build America Bonds   Paul Ryan   Vickie Diamond   Title 25   Joint Appropriation Committee   Research Institute   Employment Benefits   Casper Star Tribune   Bruce Burns   Tim Stubson   John Kasich   John Hickenlooper   John Hastert   Drew Perkins   Bill Walker   Dannel Malloy   Kaiser Family Foundation   Kentucky Hospital Association   Merritt Hawkins   New York City Health and Hospital   Woodhull Medical Center   Federal Mandates   Video   Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine   Health Care Exchange   Health Affairs   Paladina   Unfunded Liability   Urban Institute   Lyndon Johnson   Centers for Disease Control   Bill Clinton   Singapore   Switzerland   Manhattan Institute   Entitlements   Podcast   Sunset Commission   Business Subsidies   Office of Tourism   Mercatus Center   Business Council   Transparency   Wyoming Budget   Chris Conover   Lancet   Rand Corporation   Fraser Institute   Bernie Sanders   Government Accountability   Ben Sasse   Balanced Budget Amendment   Compact for America   Arkansas   Asa Hutchinson   arkansas works   Health and Human Services   National Association of State Mental Health Directors   American Journal of Managed Care   UnitedHealth   mental health   Opportunity Grant   welfare reform   Cato   Brookings   Welfare   Department of Health   Minerals Tax Revenue   Lewin Group   Sylvia Burwell   Donald Trump   Reform   Keep Wyoming Strong   IMD Exclusion   Tax Policy Center   Tom Forslund   Health Care Providers   Medicaid Reimbursements   Spending Cuts   Better Way   Block Grant   Education Reform   Wyoming Supreme Court   Education Choice   Education   WyoFile   National Cancer Institute   United Kingdom   Canadian Health Care System   National Health Service   Timely Medical Alternatives   Shirley Healey   Brian Booy   Laura Hillier   Single Payer Health Care System   Health Trust   Department of Family Services   TANF   Hillary Clinton   Affordable Care Act   health savings account   2016 election   Education Savings Accounts   School Choice   OnMessage   Tax Increases   Taxpayer Protection Pledge   paula bennet   healthtrust   Wyoming Employees' Group Insurance   amino.com   New Hampshire   montana   utah   Education Spending   Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease   Jenny Goins   SmartShopper   Council of Economic Advisors   Jonathan Gruber   Budget Shortfall   Tom Price   Health Care Reform   Empowering Patients First Act   Washington Examiner   Mike Pence

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