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An Open Letter to the Revenue Committee

 by Sven R Larson

Chairman Peterson; Chairman Madden; Members of the Joint Revenue Committee of the Wyoming Legislature,

Your agenda for the meeting in Thermopolis on August 2-3 is full of proposals to raise taxes and fees on the Wyoming economy. While I don't think anyone expects them all to pass even through your committee, the rich roster of ideas is in itself a source of great concern. 

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Ten Reasons Common Core is Bad for Wyoming

Karin McQuillan, Jackson, WY

Common Core is a liberal program known as Obamacare for education, which is hated by children, parents and conservatives across America. Wyoming should be a leader in fighting against Common Core. Yet even as you read this, Governor Mead and the legislature are going full steam ahead, while parents don’t even know what is happening.

Here are ten reasons you should know about Common Core even if you are not a parent:

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Guest Blog: Common Core Fails Diversity Test

Guest Blog by Jason Gay, Wyoming Liberty Group

Diversity has become a significant goal in the administration from preschool to postgraduate. The University of Wyoming, Wyoming school districts, and private schools proudly announce their efforts and successes in this area. This is, of course, not unique to Wyoming, but is a predominant national trend. But how far does this focus on diversity go?

Just this week, students attempting to hand out Constitutions were confronted by a school official. As is typical, the school points to a “free speech zone” and uses this as an excuse to silence speech elsewhere on campus. Although the legality of a free speech zone is dubious at best, we could assume that the policy is legally enforceable for the purpose of the following discussion: against whom are these limitations enforced?

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Sandy Shanor speaks on the Common Core

(Today we are thrilled to welcome a guest blogger, Sandy Shanor. Sandy is a longtime Cheyenne resident and vice chairman of the Laramie County School District #1 Board of Trustees.  She has over 40 years of experience as a parent, teacher, administrator, consultant and board member.)

Throughout my 40 years in education, I have seen a lot of experiments, trends, and fads come and go. Some garnered short-lived attention, others bandwagoning, and some gained permanency.

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