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Legislative Leadership's Pure Power Play Over Committees

Boyd Wiggam and Glenn Woods of Boldrepublic.com discuss the recent effort by Wyoming legislative leadership to limit access for to research and information from the Legislative Service Office other members of the legislature.


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Wind Tax Revenue Won't Pay for Corporate Welfare

The Wyoming mainstream media went into a frenzy this week when it reported a 15 percent drop in wind production tax revenue. The $600,000 revenue reduction highlighted how alternative revenue sources will not make up for out-of-control government spending. This discussion also includes the problems with corporate welfare and how high electricity costs drive business away. 


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Maureen Bader
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Benefits and Burdens of a Balanced Budget Amendment

Charlie Katebi and Glenn Woods of Boldrepublic.com discuss recent efforts by state legislatures to add a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution and the impact it would have on our fiscal future.


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Capital Construction Funding Funny Business

Maureen Bader and Gary Freeman talk about the apparent laundering of Abandon Mine Land Funds through the Wyoming Department of Transportation and the warning by Cynthia Lummis that Washington is watching, on KGAB 650 am Radio Cheyenne. The inappropriate use of AML funds last time was one reason why the funds were pulled. 


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How to Sunset Big Government

In civics 101, we learn how government works. Voters elect legislators, legislators pass bills, and bills become law. This side of government is transparent and accountable. But there is another side of government that is far less accountable.

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Obamacare's Collapsing Co-ops

Charlie Katebi and Chuck Gray on KVOC discuss how Obamacare's failing health insurance co-ops are ripping off taxpayers, patients, and doctors.


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Capital Construction Boondoggles and the Wyoming Budget

Maureen Bader joins John Birbari on KVOW Riverton Radio to discuss Wyoming's Capital Construction budget, how some politicians seem to think providing employment opportunities for the construction industry is a role of government, and what some people are trying to do to rein in the out-of-control spending on construction. 


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