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Truckers Stand Against Government Regulation

Wyoming Liberty Group stands for the principled application of commonsense to leverage good policy so as to limit government interference in our lives.  We stand behind our faith, our families, and our culture — these are things our political process has forgotten and ignored.  It is high time to take back Our lives, Our Dreams, and Our Way of Life. 

We are proud of those truckers who dare to make a point of the urgent necessity for restoring constitutional law in America.  We like the fact that the Constitution of the United States, must coordinate with the Wyoming Constitution under the principle of dual sovereignty, because state constitutions can provide specific protections.  

For example, a 2012 overwhelming 77% yes vote on Amendment A established protection of health care choice for us here in Wyoming.  One result is that direct payment to doctors cannot be made illegal, as it is in Canada.  Yes, pay directly and often get a discount!

Americans are a kind, trusting, and generous people.   We care about people in need;  we do not trust Obamacare.   We don’t know whether to laugh or cry when we read that on the opening day of the Obamacare exchanges, the software system virtually attacked itself, overwhelming its own servers with a flood of data whenever anybody tried to sign up for the subsidized programs.  You heard right, the system attacked itself. 

In any case, competent care with a touch of kindness can only come from the actual individuals who bring that care to us.  America can do much better using the actual practical resources of her people. 

Our legislators did refuse to set up a state-run Obamacare insurance exchange, and they refused to expand Medicaid.  Let’s hope that they will continue to say no to expansionists and soon pass a bill that makes it easy to buy health insurance across state lines, just as we purchase auto insurance.  That would be progress.   

But today’s rally concerns the power of the people to re-assert the rule of law.

All power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority . . .

What is this power of the people?  What tools do we have to activate it? Tea party participation HAS made a difference.  Electing a conservative majority in the House of Representatives slowed the rate of spending, and that majority insisted on hearings on BenGhazi and IRS snooping.   We face an aggressive, well-funded effort to unseat these conservatives.  We must thwart it.       

It is important to understand that the power of the people depends first and foremost upon the personal character of each of us.  After that it depends upon our educated ability to speak out and organize cooperatively, the rights of free speech and peaceable assembly.  In the 1830’s de Tocqueville noticed our ability to work together voluntarily and get a job done.  He wrote that it was the strength of America and called it “the science of association.”  We must not let statists make us forget the science of association, the know-how we need to implement freedom.  And we must not let them undermine our character, lest we hauntingly become “truncated individuals”, “empty cores,” or, as they say on the street, “he left the building.”    

America is unique in the world in that it actively invites each and every one of us to have the capability and responsibility to live creatively in freedom and pursuit of happiness.  We know how to organize ourselves to win voluntary cooperation to accomplish an agreed-upon goal.  To the extent we have this, it is unusual in the world. 

What makes us a better people is attending to the principles of our founding.  We know them, but we dishonor ourselves when we sit back and let the next guy do the work.  We are a Can Do Culture!  Why are we submitting to policies that hurt us and not facing them head on?  We are a strong and faithful force for good. Be inspired to step out, each in his or her own way, and be that force for good. 

In one of his comedies Groucho Marx says — “What are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?”  Are we going to believe what we see happening or are we going to believe the chattering of media propaganda? Let’s not “just talk about it” — let’s initiate positive change by boldly speaking what we know about the true hearts of all of us here to do what is right. Yet we know standing up for what is right and true invites attack.  And ever more clearly we see that statists also have their eyes on more vulnerable prey.  They have their eyes on the vulnerability of our children. 

We, the people of the State of Wyoming, grateful to God for our civil, political and religious liberties, and desiring to secure them to ourselves and perpetuate them to our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution.

This perpetuation our founders strove to preserve is in great danger.

Think about it.  In order to learn how to live as a free person, a child must accept instruction; accepting instruction is his or her job as a child.  His first and continuing instructors are his mother and father and family in a home environment.   He or she then begins to branch out to the community, the neighbors, the church.  At school age the parents are likely to entrust their child to public school.  But will school be an extension of home life as it should be, equipping boys and girls to ground themselves in their own inheritance first, before venturing out, or will they, under false promises of so-called “standards”, be offered up to the forces of political control, remodeled into cookie cutter compliance with a liberal agenda?

Please take a careful look at these Common Core so-called standards.  They are a lead-in to the now required national assessment tests that Governor Freudenthal, Governor Mead, the appointed Wyoming Director of Education, and the appointed Wyoming State Board of Education and others have attempted to impose on our children.  Why did they buy into something so superficial, without intelligently considering what it would do to kids?  There are a lot of fingers in the pie. 

There is something called the Iron Law of Oligarchy, or the Iron Fist of Oligarchy.   An oligarchy is defined as rule of the many by a few.  We askwho, at the national level, pushes national assessment tests?  We can’t pretend to understand the whole of it, but among these pushers are three private professional organizations including the National Governors’ Association, representatives of the Obama administration including his Secretary of Education and executive administrators, and four non-profits including Fordham and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Might we say that this a progressive consortium of public and private actors attempting to do away with Constitutional checks and balances and set up a system by which to rule as an oligarchy?  The control mechanisms are in place, starting with our legislators and governor who ignored our vote and hired a Director of Education.   

The antidote to this virus of corruption can only consist in diagnosing and naming it, speaking out, and building an immune system of strong family and community control, extending to state and national politics.  Diagnose it; name it; speak the truth, and build that immune system of personal character and active, closely networked civil society.  Every level of our protective immune system is under attack, including our churches.    

In education, under the guise of “rigor,” parents, thinking teachers, and communities were all were shut out of the communication loop.    It is being arranged that teachers will either teach to the National Assessment Test or lose their jobs.  Be assured, developing the capabilities necessary to participate in a free society is not goal of these tests-makers. 

I have a hard time finding words to express my deep concern.  This is not just a matter of kids hearing about global warming and dirty coal, reading books inappropriate to their age level, or memorizing revisionist history, although these are part of it.   It is about attacking the authority of parents, interfering with the judgment and creativity of teachers, and even throwing wrenches in the way of children trying to learn simple math.  Recently when a Wyoming parent competent in mathematics asked to discuss the math curriculum with his child’s teacher, she told him she could not voice her opinion for fear of losing her job.  She said, “My paycheck, my paycheck.” Teachers are intimidated.

Last Tuesday the Wyoming Board of Education permitted one person, Amy Edmonds, to speak about Common Core for half an hour, “no dog and pony show, no question taking”.   Citizens traveled from all over the state to a standing room only meeting.  Check the Wyoming Liberty Group website for a three-minute video of vehement comments made after the meeting made by citizens not permitted to speak in the meeting. 

In his book, Real Talk for Real Teachers, master 5th grade teacher Rafe Esquith  writes about how Common Core Standards were introduced to the teachers in his school:

Taking a page from the politburo, leaders stand in the front of the room at professional development meetings making demands and predictions for their ‘New World Order.’ Good teachers don’t know whether to laugh, cry or quit.  .  .

The most recent sermon on the mount has come to us in the form of Common Core Standards. I am not making this up: the presenter at our first training explained that our job as teachers was ‘to prepare the children to be a part of the international workforce.’ We were also told that the emphasis on imaginative literature was going to be scaled back because children need more nonfiction.  .  .  real teachers know that real teaching is not based on the Common Core, or blended learning, or the newest notebook of rules and regulations handed out at the Tuesday staff meeting.

Please look into this, satisfy yourselves about the facts.  We must choose between either a victory for real education, or a victory for political control over the minds and hearts of the coming generation.  If love of learning is to win, our schools will give direct feedback with structured accountability to confident children.

If we allow political control to bully us, our schools will invade children’s private space and use process psychology to train for standardized, fill-in-the-blanks rubrics parroted by administrators and teachers to pigeonhole kids into compliance.  And all non-governmental and home school education will ultimately be ruled illegal, as it is in Germany and Sweden, for example.     

We cannot take a back seat to political ideology.  We are a free people with fair-minded ideals and with a rich and valuable history of standing our ground.  We did not get to where we are without paying a price.  We must do away with the habit of letting political cronies make back room deals that undermine our sovereignty.  I feel reassured to see my fellow citizens committing to a free and open stand against the egregious attempts by an oligarchy of actors to impose a secularly contrived lifestyle on us all.  May God bless everything we stand for today, and bring it to fruition for us.

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Saturday, 23 September 2017
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