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Ten Reasons Common Core is Bad for Wyoming

Ten Reasons Common Core is Bad for Wyoming

Karin McQuillan, Jackson, WY

Common Core is a liberal program known as Obamacare for education, which is hated by children, parents and conservatives across America. Wyoming should be a leader in fighting against Common Core. Yet even as you read this, Governor Mead and the legislature are going full steam ahead, while parents don’t even know what is happening.

Here are ten reasons you should know about Common Core even if you are not a parent:

1. Federal control of education is unconstitutional. Our founding fathers gave us the right to have local control over what our children are taught. Common Core runs around the law by saying Common Core is only “standards.” Standards dictate the curriculum via required textbooks and testing, all the while pretending local school boards are in charge. It gives power to faceless corporations, bureaucrats and politicians to politicize your child’s education. Because a federal curriculum is illegal, Common Core is copyrighted and owned by a private organization that has the sole authority to make changes. It will be imposed on home schoolers and charter school, so there is no escaping federal dictates. I say, not in my State.

2. Common Core is a power grab by liberals to take over the minds of the next generation. The Pilgrims, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin have been dropped. No room. There is room to teach that radical leftist groups, SDS and the Black Panthers, arose to address injustice in America. We are a colonial power that killed Indians, kept slaves, fights unnecessary wars, ruins the environment and are guilty as hell. The pioneers and cowboys, entrepreneurs and businessmen who discovered oil, built our railroads, developed the West, built our industrial might are the bad guys. Capitalism stinks and social welfare is great. All tailored for lesson plans K-12. Your kids will learn the government approved answers or they will fail their exams.

3. Google “Kids hate Common Core”. It makes kids hate school. They fail. It’s hardest on kids with the biggest needs. The experimental math is impossible for even a NASA scientists to understand. Kids can’t turn to their parents for help. This is not good for kids or families. Worst of all, 2+2=5 is given partial credit if your child follows the procedure. If your child figures out how to get the correct answer on their own, they will be marked wrong. Google “common core 2+2=5.”

4. Common Core is dumbed down. The only mathematician on the Validation Committee refused to sign off on the math standards, because they would keep American students two years behind the countries we are competing with globally. The English educators are up in arms because half of the full length books have been dropped in favor of reading “informational” material and government forms and rules. Wyoming children will be given EPA regulations to read. Really.

5. Common Core will lead Wyoming into debt. Estimates for setting it up nationwide are up to three hundred million dollars per state. Some early adopters are looking at a hit on their state school budgets of $30 million for the tests alone, not counting the all new textbooks and training all teachers. The big winners are Microsoft, Pearson Publishing, and testing companies. The losers are taxpayers.

6. Common Core is corrupt. The people who developed it and the bureaucrats who enabled it are now working for the testing companies which will receive billions of your taxpayer dollars.

7. Common Core is deceitful. Common Core pretends it was created by governors. It was created by Bill Gates, who’s on a God complex to change America, and knows nothing about democracy, education or your children. He said Common Core is “a technocratic issue… akin to making sure all states use the same type of electrical outlet.”

8. Across America, Republican states are opting out. Wyoming belongs in this company. Yet today’s headlines are telling us that the Wyoming legislature is voting on a bill to fast-track it, and another bill to make it illegal to review it for ten years.

9. Common Core is was cooked up by political appointees who don’t have kids and have never taught or even gone to Ed school. There was no pilot project. It will waste time and money and eventually be dropped, like the new math and new reading. By then, your child will have missed out on crucial years of their education, learning can never be given back to them.

10. Common Core includes a plan for “data-mining” that could include amassing personal, academic, and psychological information about your child and family, and allowing private groups to use it. The database for information gathering is owned by a private organization funded by Bill and Melinda Gates. Their website says it “enables a wide range of applications to use student data more effectively and efficiently, with the ultimate goal of unleashing innovation in the marketplace.” Not with our children.

The fight over Common Core is nothing less than a fight for the future of our children and of our country. Our citizens do not want sneaky, unconstitutional federal control over our schools. We do not want our children taught to hate learning and hate America by foolish “reforms.” We do not want our teachers bullied by the dictates of private text book and testing companies. Not in our state.

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Guest - Cc on Tuesday, 12 December 2017 21:58

I’m new in the state. Can’t believe you have common core!! What’s going on??

I’m new in the state. Can’t believe you have common core!! What’s going on??
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Thursday, 18 January 2018

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